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Zig Zag Cultural Centre customer relations officer Jarree Murray with nest ‘three’, which was originally placed outside the centre.

Secret nest sculptures a Kalamunda art mystery

By Breanna Inferrera

IT seems a local Banksy is in our midst with a number of large nest sculptures mysteriously popping up around the City of Kalamunda over the last few weeks.

Three nests have so far been discovered at different locations within the City, each accompanied by a label which says ‘title’, ‘artist’, ‘music’ and ‘track’.

The ‘title’ indicates the nest number, the ‘artist’ is unknown, the ‘music’ is techno, and the ‘track’ points to a song and artist.

Zig Zag Cultural Centre administrator Ellie Whitney said she discovered nest ‘three’ outside the centre when she arrived to work on Saturday August 8.

“I left at my normal time on Friday night,” she said.

“Got here Saturday morning and there it was and I’m like okay that’s weird, that’s great, but it’s weird.

“I went to the café to see if they knew anything about it, which they didn’t.

“I took a photo, posted it on my Facebook page which got a really good reaction from people.”

A photo of nest ‘five’ was then posted to Facebook on August 10 by Carly Naughton, who said that nest had been in Mundy Regional Park near Crumpet Creek for ‘weeks’, but she had not noticed the label until that day.

Zig Zag Cultural Centre customer relations officer Jarree Murray said nest ‘three’ has since been relocated to the Town Square Hall.

Nest ‘two’, which boasts feathers and egg-shaped rocks, now resides outside the Zig Zag Cultural Centre.

Ms Murray said while the artist is yet to be discovered, there are suspicions they are local.

“We did a lot of research,” she said.

“We took a photo of the label and looked up the track and artist to see if they were a sculptor as well as a musician.

“We found this track on Spotify, but it didn’t seem to be any reference.

“We tried to hashtag nest ‘three’ on Instagram but couldn’t find anything.

“Anytime we know of an artist that comes in we say, ‘is it yours?’ or ‘do you know whose it could be?’

“We’ve asked people to come back and let us know if they know anything.”

Ms Murray said the nest sculptures have created a big hype around the City.   

“We’ve had lots of people coming in wanting to know how much it is, can they buy it, just curious, saying how much they love it and that it’s really cool, is it part of the current exhibition we’ve got on,” she said.

“People are excited they think it’s a really fun thing and a mystery, they want to find the others, it’s like a scavenger hunt.”

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