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Donor Doug Allen is encouraging people to donate blood at the Midland Donor Centre during December.

Secret Santa blood donation

ABOUT 200 blood donors are needed in Midland this Christmas for Australia’s biggest Secret Santa exchange.

To prevent a shortage of blood stocks vital to the treatment of cancer patients, more donors are needed to donate at the Midland Blood Donor Centre between now and Wednesday, January 2.

To celebrate this Secret Santa exchange, donors who give blood or platelets this December will receive a text message to notify them where their Secret Santa gift is sent. 

All donors will also receive a Christmas gift tag to give to a loved one saying they’ve donated blood on their behalf. 

Blood service spokeswoman Jessica Willet urged residents to give blood, saying it was the most important Secret Santa they would ever do.

“If Secret Santa is about giving anonymous gifts, then blood donation really is Australia’s ultimate Secret Santa exchange,” she said.

“Blood will be needed by road accident patients, pregnant mums, cancer patients and even premature babies every day this Christmas and New Year’s.

“At Midland more donors are needed on Sunday, December 23 in particular, when just four people are booked in to donate.”

Australian Red Cross registered nurse Ruth Bayfield and blood donor Doug Allen.

Ms Willet said stocks of platelets, a blood component vital to the treatment of cancer patients, were particularly at risk during the Christmas period.

“It takes four blood donations to make just one bag of platelets for patients and they only last for five days so donors are constantly needed to ensure cancer patients get this vital product.

“Your blood donation will be the ultimate gift to Australian patients this Christmas – and will have a far-reaching impact on the lives you save and the lives of their loved ones.”

The Blood Service is hoping to welcome 10,000 new donors this month to meet Australia’s growing blood needs. 

To make an appointment to give blood or find out more about Australia’s Biggest Secret Santa, call 13 14 95 or visit donate

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