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City of Swan mayor Kevin Bailey wearing the Mayoral chains.

Show and shine for Mayoral chains

By Claire Ottaviano

IT takes a bit more than brasso to clean century-old Mayoral chains, with the historical assets getting special treatment ahead of the City of Swan’s Mayoral dinner in April.

This year the City of Swan spent $1500 cleaning the four sets of its Mayoral chains, one of them dating back as far as the 1890s.

Chief executive Jeremy Edwards said the chains formed a key part of the City’s historical assets and due to their age, required special care during cleaning to avoid damage and prevent future tarnishing.

“This financial year, all of the Mayoral chains were cleaned in preparation for the Mayoral dinner to form part of the historical showcase – the chains were on display during the event,” he said.

“We believe this is the first time such comprehensive maintenance has been undertaken for at least 20 years.”

The chains were cleaned by Midland specialist jewellers Tighe Jewellery Studio, who painstakingly deconstructed, cleaned, polished and reconstructed the chains.

Tighe Jewellers are a local, family-run jewellery design, repair and polishing studio with special interests in silver metals and an onsite master Jeweller.

“Aside from this, the modern Mayoral chains are sent for engraving at the appointment of a new mayor to permanently record the details of the serving mayor,” Mr Edwards said.

“During engraving, the modern chains are given a light clean and polish.

“When being handled by staff, the chains are handled with clean white gloves to avoid tarnishing and an increased need for cleaning.”

The Mayoral chains are worn by the mayor each month at the Citizenship Ceremonies, once a year at the Mayoral dinner and on occasions where ceremonial dress is required for specific events and meetings with certain dignitaries.

Due to COVID-19 their public use has been limited.

The City of Kalamunda does not currently have Mayoral chains.

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