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2022 Fringe in Kalamunda
Scarlett Bell Burlesque artistic director Kiera Slade is bringing a burlesque extravaganza to Kalamunda this Fringe World.

Spectacular Fringe shows Kalamunda bound

By Morgan de Smidt 

FRINGE World Festival will light up the heart of Kalamunda when it returns to the Perth Hills this month with a carefully crafted program of top performers.

The Kalamunda Hotel will host acts from cabaret to comedy and a few children’s events alongside street performers, festivals, music and more.

Scarlett Bell Burlesque has performed at the Kalamunda Hotel for the past three years, this year introducing a brand-new show titled Fatal Femmes – one of 17 Fringe performances at the venue.

Scarlett Bell co-owner and artistic director Kiera Slade, who goes by the stage name ‘Foxxxy Curves’ said there was a growing desire for arts in the region.

“In the three years we’ve been up here we’ve sold out every year, the crowd packs it out so there’s definitely a demand for shows,” she said.

Mrs Slade began working on the show in June last year and said the troupe were looking forward to returning to Kalamunda as they are based south of the river.

“Kalamunda is such a history rich town and it’s nice to get out here because it’s a completely different demographic than Fringe in Perth.

“Bringing our show out into Kalamunda gives us the chance to go ‘hey we exist out here too’.

“It’s nice to be able to give people access to shows without having to face the crowds and get public transport into the city, uber in or drive.”

A Fringe spokesperson said independent venues across Perth had been taking on more shows and were more willing to roll them out for the full duration of the festival.

“Because of COVID a lot of places are being more resourceful and trying to bring people back into their venues,” they said.

Fatal Femmes stars the Scarlett Bell troupe made up of seven performers each presenting a different character from Hollywood films including The Graduate, Gilda and Mildred Pierce to name a few.

Mrs Slade said the performance was born out of her exploration into actresses between the 20s and 60s.

“We hear the term femme fatal thrown around a lot in the burlesque industry without understanding what it means, so I dove into that and researched the golden era of Hollywood where that archetype really developed,” she continued.

“Tying the two together and doing a tribute to the femme fatals of Hollywood is what it’s all about and even if you haven’t seen the films we are referencing, you’ll still be able to enjoy the show.”

Audiences can expect a little bit of comedy, a whole lot of glamour and some very extravagant costumes at the premier of Fatal Femmes on February 11 at The Kalamunda Hotel.

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