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Joyce Reynolds, together with residents Jane Laugharne, Beverley Vose, Natasha Sampson and Pam O’Farrell with children Martin and Alex O’Farrell are all furious the speed limit has been increased on Park Road.

Speed limit concerns

By Rebecca Peppiatt

Residents in Hovea say a speed increase on Park Road is unsafe and dangerous to local wildlife and children.

Park Road was one of five roads in the area reviewed by Main Roads at the Shire of Mundaring’s request back in 2017 and it was the only one to be increased to 70km/h.

Park Road resident Joyce Reynolds says it’s “completely inappropriate”.

“It makes me really angry,” she said.

“People who live up here care about the environment, we care about the animals but it’s a safety concern for people in the area and children as well.”

In 2017, Main Roads conducted a review of the roads in the area, including Oxley, Victoria, Alexandra and Owen Roads.

Main Roads spokesman Dean Roberts said prior to 2017, Park Road had never been formerly speed zoned.

“When this occurs, the speed limit default is either 50km/h (if the road environment in relation to the ‘Road Traffic Code 2000’ meets the definition of a built-up area), or drivers shall drive to the road conditions, up to the maximum permissible state speed limit of 110km/h,” he said.

Mrs Reynolds said everyone who lives in the area drives much slower than the now recommended 70km/h.

“I refuse to drive faster,” she said.

“I have utes that come up my backside but I don’t care.

“I’ve had numerous animals jump out at me, kangaroos come out and jump in front of me.

“It’s dangerous.”

Shire of Mundaring chief executive Jonathan Throssell said speed limits on roads is a Main Roads issue but encouraged locals to report any regular wildlife crossing points so they could be signposted for drivers.

Mr Roberts said it was possible for the speed limit to be reduced.

“For a review of the speed limit to occur, a request would need to be made by the Shire of Mundaring,” he said.

“To date, Main Roads has not received an application.”

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