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The 90km/h sign was located on Kenneth Road in High Wycombe until it was removed last Thursday.

Speed sign mishap

By Melissa Sheil

INVESTIGATION is underway as to how a small residential street in High Wycombe mistakenly ended up with a 90km/h speed sign.

The traffic sign on Kenneth Road, which has since been removed, listed the speed limit as 90km/h, whilst at the same time warning drivers of sharp curves in the road.

A Main Roads spokesperson told Echo News they had no record of the sign.

“We have checked our records and the sign depicted in the photo was not installed or approved by Main Roads and there is no record of a request from the City of Kalamunda, who manage this road, to adjust the standard curve warning sign,” she said.

“We are currently investigating how this might have happened.”

A resident contacted Echo News last week to report the sign, both amused and concerned with the mistake.

“The regular speed limit for built up residential streets with S-bends is 50km/h so when I saw the 90 sign I was baffled,” he said.

“I don’t think anyone was actually taking notice and going 90km/h because it seemed a bit obvious someone’s done a bit of a stuff up.

“It’s certainly lucky nothing bad happened though, someone would be in a world of legal trouble there.”

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