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Diane and Neil Hobbs hope to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research and diagnosis this weekend.

Standing up to cancer

By Melissa Sheil

A HIGH Wycombe family will be firing up the barbie and getting the golf clubs out this weekend in an effort to fundraise for a cause close to their hearts.

Diane and Neil Hobbs are in their seventh year of hosting the Big Aussie Barbie and Stan Allison Memorial Cup golf tournament, gathering friends and family to raise awareness and money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

“We started doing this as a way to remember my step dad Stan who passed away after battling prostate cancer for almost 20 years, but it turned into something really meaningful and productive,” Mrs Hobbs said.

“It’s all about getting men to have conversations with each other and be encouraged to get checked – it’s only a blood test now – whilst having a great day together.

“Raising awareness for these things are so important – other campaigns for cancer research like breast cancer tend to have quite fun atmospheres around them but prostate cancer is still viewed a bit shamefully, which we hope to change.”

The Hobbs’ have raised more than $7000 for PCFA over their years of events.

To donate visit www.bigaussiebarbie.com.au/fundraisers/dianehobbs/bab

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