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Midland’s Early Polling Centre at 23 Old Great Northern Highway.

State Election 2021 profiles

All candidates in the districts of Midland, Kalamunda, Forrestfield, West Swan and Swan Hills were contacted by Echo News.

Those who responses to questions and photo requests by deadline on Wednesday are featured left. More candidates may appear on the ticket in your district.

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Australian Christians – Magdeleen Strauss

MAGDELEEN Strauss is a wife, mother and physiotherapist. She has lived in The Vines for eight years and loves the people and surrounds. Having worked in private and public hospitals in the area, she has become increasingly passionate about addressing the social, physical and mental wellbeing of her community.“Healthcare should be accessible and affordable for all,” she said.

WAxit – Asif Ali

WAXIT party candidate in Swan Hills is Asif Ali who lives in Ellenbrook and is a local business manager. “We are a new party and it’s important for us to be able to raise our voices as young people,” Mr Ali said. “I believe WA should be independent from the Eastern States because it is so resource rich.” Mr Ali said that better health, roads, transport and education were crucial.

Greens – Melanye Wawrik

SWAN Hills candidate for the Greens Melanye Wawrik is concerned that Western Australia needs more climate action and she wants to participate.“It is vital to protect our environment in order to have a sustainable future,” she said. Ms Wawrik said she believed if more Greens MPs were in the state parliament Labor could be pushed further and faster on climate action.

No Mandatory Vacc – Tim Bunton

The No Mandatory Vaccination Party candidate in Swan Hills is Tim Bunton. He believes the single greatest issue facing the Swan Hills electorate, and indeed the state this election is “the draconian introduction of forced medical procedures” upon the populace.  “Human rights are at the very core of a democratic society, and we cannot allow them to be eroded further, “ he said


Australian Christians – Peter Lampard

Peter Lampard plans to keep the spotlight on families. “We need to maintain the core values for all families, to ensure that all schools have healthy environments for our children and that no human life should be seen as a wasted life,” he said. “The vulnerable are in need of proper protection and every life is important to each and every one of us.”

Green – Lee-Anne Miles

KEEPING the balance between economic boosts and environmental sustainability is what Lee-Anne Miles will aim to do if she is elected. “We can have a flourishing economy and deal with the threat of climate change, keep our diverse natural environment and build an amazing renewable economy,” she said.The Kalamunda local is a mother and small business owner.

Liberal Democrats – Carolyn Trigwell

As a life-long Perth Hills local, listening to the community is top of Carolyn Trigwell’s priority list. “I’m committed to putting planning control back into local hands and ending so-called “renewal” programmes across all of our WA cemeteries,” she said. “I hear concerns about the sustainability of semi-rural life, our farmers, our volunteer bushfire brigade and our ageing transport infrastructure.

Western Australia Party – Stephen Phelan

Founding member of the WA Party Stephen Phelan has three key facets to his election platform: Save Perth Hills from over-development, rebuild the Zig Zag Railway to create jobs and tourism and increase police numbers and patrols. “I love the Perth Hills and want to help it flourish,” he said. Mr Phelan attended Mazenod College and sent his two sons to Helena College.


Australian Christians – Ester Nabate

YOUNG people, mental health and homelessness are key concerns for Ester Nabate. “My biggest priority is to be a strong voice for young people, and ensure we can create a community where everyone’s voices are heard and respected,” she said. “My priority for Midland is on programs for young people that address mental health issues and programs that encourage young people to be workplace ready.”

Greens – Brendan Sturke

Transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and building 15,000 low carbon public houses will transform Midland says Greens candidate Brendan Sturke. “I believe it’s time for a fresh start for Midland,” he said. “Backed by the Greens policies, I believe I’m the person to do that.” The Midland resident is a volunteer with St John Ambulance, Auskick and a local homeless organisation.

One Nation – Teresa Olow

Teresa Olow says it is time for change in Midland. The Jane Brook small business owner said keeping Robinson Road open and supporting local businesses after COVID-19 were top on her agenda with issues of mental health, drug abuse, homelessness and crime also a priority. “This is the time for Midland to elect a parliamentarian whose life focus is uplifting every aspect of life for West Australians.”

Western Australia Party – Brad Bedford

AS a business owner for 25 years, a previous Midland Railway Workshops employee for 18 years and apprentice trainer, Brad Bedford says he can activate Midland. He is focused on addressing youth unemployment, helping the homeless, activating both the Midland Railway Workshops and the Swan Districts Hospital, keeping Robinson Road open and supporting Save Perth Hills.


Australian Christians – Brady Williams

Father-of-four Brady Williams is passionate about encouraging Christian education within schools. As a volunteer scripture teacher and Australian Association for Religious Education WA vice president, he wants to provide resources and equip young people with the training to become their best selves. “I am passionate about teaching and available full time to serve schools.”

Greens – Beth McMullan

Greens candidate Beth McMullan believes reorienting priorities towards to wellbeing of people is a good first step for Forrestfield revitalization. “We have the opportunity to invest in community wellbeing by focusing on healthcare, schools, hospitals and public transport,” she said. “This also means valuing the environment and driving the transition to renewable energy, protecting workers and creating quality jobs while tackling the growing climate crisis.”

Western Australia Party – Owen Doye

Owen Doye supports his parties Buy Local, Vote Local policy to reform local government and planning law. “I want to give power back to residents to plan and consent to changes in their local suburbs,” he said.  Mr Doye believes that police station hours should be increased to be open 24/7 and wants to promote investing in local manufacturing to drive the economy and job markets.


Australian Christians – Brian Warburton

CHRISTIAN candidate for West Swan is Brian Warburton who immigrated with his family from the UK to Perth in 1965. He served an apprenticeship in auto electrical engineering and worked as a private business owner and on the mines. “Having worked with people from all walks of life, I can relate to many community issues,” he said. “I will be a bold voice in Parliament for hope and respect.

Greens – Manjot Singh

GREENS candidate in West Swan Manjot Singh believes the  local member has taken the area for granted for far too long. “There is vast growth in population and communities in the area that requires investment and infrastructure. We need people in parliament that work for the local community and not for the big corporations, and with more Greens MPs in Parliament we will hold Labor to account, pushing them further and faster on climate action.”

Early voting popular

MORE than 172,091 votes have been cast at Early Voting Centres in the lead up to next week’s 2021 State election.

As of Wednesday 6pm, the Midland early voting place received 5044 votes, Kalamunda 3566 and Ellenbrook 3371.

With the additional 20,680 postal vote packages returned, so far about 11 per cent of the State’s 1.7 million eligible voters have voted.

Seventy early polling centres across WA opened on Wednesday, February 24.

Electoral Commissioner Robert Kennedy said the increased number of Early Voting Centres was part of a concerted effort to reduce numbers in polling places on Election Day, Saturday  March 13.

“The Electoral Commission is actively promoting early voting and postal voting as part of its COVID-19 risk management,” Mr Kennedy said.

There are 19 political parties and a total of 788 candidates contesting the 2021 State Election; 463 candidates in the Legislative Assembly, and a record 325 for the Legislative Council.

Telephone Assisted Voting is also available to anyone who is unable to vote without assistance because of insufficient literacy skills, are sight impaired or those living with an incapacity.

Call 13 68 00 and select option 1 to Apply for Telephone Assisted Voting.

Locations of Early Voting Centres can be found on the WA Electoral Commission website at www.elections.wa.gov.au

The WA Electoral Commission will use the SafeWA QR Code system, or manual sign in system, at all Early Voting Centres.


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