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Survey to set Zig Zag D-Day

By Breanna Inferrera

IT’S been almost three months since a temporary six-month ban to vehicles on Zig Zag Scenic Drive (ZZSD) was imposed to address antisocial behaviour.

Now, the City of Kalamunda is seeking feedback from the community, prior to a permanent decision being made on vehicle access at the iconic Perth Hills spot.

As reported in Zig Zag closure just around the corner (Echo News, April 10), at a special council meeting on April 7, Kalamunda council resolved to close ZZSD to vehicles from May 30 to November 30, with access only for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to the officer’s report at the time, the main issues  plagueing  the road included hooning, vehicle rollovers due to excessive speed, supposed illicit drug dealing and consumption, illegal overnight camping, and litter and dumping.

The City has recently released a survey on the future of ZZSD, which has prompted much social media attention.

Many have given   reasons for and against a permanent closure to vehicles however a number of Kalamunda councillors, including Cr Dylan O’Connor, have urged the community to ensure they are directly filling out the survey.

“Comments on Facebook are fine, but the data actually collected is from the completed surveys,” Cr O’Connor said.

Gooseberry Hill resident Johannes Pannekoek, who gave a deputation at the special council meeting in favour of the temporary closure to vehicles, told Echo News he will be filling out the survey.

“I think it should be closed to vehicles permanently and I say that with a lot of disappointment,” he said.

“I’ve had a connection with ZZSD over the last 40 years, we used to drive through it when we came from the country and would take our friends from overseas there.

“But it became an embarrassment.

“I think without the proper regulation, I don’t see any other option.”

Mr Pannekoek said closing ZZSD to vehicles permanently would bring a wealth of benefits, including a safe space for families, pedestrian and cyclist access both ways without the danger of mishaps or confrontations and a great boost to the Kalamunda economy.

“That’s where the tourism comes in, you link a natural environment to an area which you can make as a destination point,” he said.

“The possibilities are endless.

“There would still be the lookout at the top for cars.”

The survey is not only open to the local community, but also the wider community.

Gwelup resident Jakub Przezwanski, a regular visitor to ZZSD, told Echo News ZZSD should be reopened to vehicles for a number of reasons.

“First to make it accessible to all,” he said.

“Young, old, fit, unfit and any people with physical disabilities that couldn’t experience the majestic views that ZZSD has to offer.

Mr Przezwanski said ZZSD is a part of Perth car enthusiast’s history.

“Both men and women, boys and girls have thousands of memories of them participating in pro-social activities such as social car clubs,” he said.

“Unfortunately, every organisation has an element they can’t control.

“These are the undesirables that have ruined it for all of Perth through their anti-social behaviours.

“It would be better to set up cameras to pursue these offenders rather than penalise everyone for a few people who do the wrong thing.

“It only takes one person who is reckless to give a bad name to all.”

The survey will close at 5pm on Monday, September 7 and can be accessed at engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/zig-zag-road-closure

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