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The Hills Valkyries women’s gridiron team beat the Claremont Jets 6-0

Valkyries victory at home grounds


Last weekend the Hills Valkyries gridiron team took on the Claremont Jets at their home ground in Chidlow at Recreation Reserve.

It was the Hills Valkyries’ third game of the season and they bought it home this round securing a win of 6-0 against the Jets in the fourth quarter following a stoppage of game by the Claremont Jets one minute into the fourth quarter due to low numbers.

The game had a crowd of over 100 supporters from around the Chidlow area that came to support their home team and the atmosphere was explosive.

The local supporters were certainly wowed as they exited the field after witnessing their home team win their first game.

Once again, one of the rookie superstars, Jacqueline Taylor, ran a 55 yard touch down in the third quarter against the Jets offensive with coach Mike Willems stating he was “highly impressed” with the defence work pushing the offence back with multiple sacks on the QB and multiple yards gained on the defensive plays, as well as three players finding their feet in their first game with incredible statistics for each player.

The Jets played a fantastic game of football and the Valkyries wish them all the best.

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