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A screen grab from the virtual fly-through

Vines redevelopment out for comment again

By Claire Ottaviano 

A SECOND round of community consultation on The Vines Resort redevelopment has been met with fury as residents pitch in for a lawyer to fight the proposal.

On Tuesday, The Vines WA released a virtual fly-through of the plan which seeks to transform nine holes of golf course into housing.

Tim Trefry of consultation, planning and design agency Hatch RobertsDay said responses from the first round of consultation led to more open space, larger minimum block size and less houses.

“As a direct result of the first round of community consultation the minimum block size will be 500sqm with an average of 650sqm; minimum distances from boundaries set at 30 metres and a reduction in the total number of lots,” he said.

“There has been a lot of considered feedback, particularly around the preservation of the look and feel of The Vines, and it has been incorporated in the planning including maintaining open spaces, preserving flora and fauna and planting 2000 trees.”

The Vines Residents Association (VRA) president Aaron Bowman said the revised plans were a step “backwards”.

“This is just the next phase so they can say they are listening to us and taking on board our comments,” he said.

“They’re just ticking boxes.”

Mr Bowman said planners told the VRA the 18-hole golf course that would remain would be for the exclusive use of members and no longer upgraded to a championship course as first advised.

“We have no trust in The Vines [Resort WA],” he said.

“We have a nice video with nice calming music but that’s it – they’re still selling off nine holes of the golf course.”

Residents have raised more than half of a quarter million dollar goal to fund legal representation.

“A lot are putting in $1000, some are putting in more, some donations are five-figure amounts,” Mr Bowman said.

“When they’re facing losing 10 to 20 per cent  on their homes’ value, $1000 isn’t much.”

He also claimed parts of the course for redevelopment would be left unmaintained while works in other areas began.

In response to the VRA statements, Mr Trefry confirmed the premier 18-hole course would be for private member use with the short 9-hole course for public use but rebutted claims parts of the green would be left to degrade.

“Subject to market conditions, the housing development is expected to take five years, he said.

“The balance of holes will remain open and maintained as an open space network during this period.”

He also said it was not known if the plans would be lodged as a structure plan to the Western Australian Planning Commission or to an independent  development assessment panel as first expected.

Of the $200million project value, $12 million is expected to be spent on upgrades to the public short course, 18-hole member course, new community entertainment hub and two-storey driving range.

Feedback on the plans can be sent via www.vines.com.au/shapeyourvision

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One comment

  1. How ironic! Same modus operandi different place.
    The community up in arms for a development they don’t want.
    The developers making meaningless changes to appear to work with the community, paying lip service to their concerns,
    The president of the “activists” up in arms saying the developer is just ticking boxes
    The developers says: look we are planting 2000 seedlings, it will look great!

    At the end of the story the community is unhappy and their concerns are not listen too.

    Sounds like the Lloyd street bridge design caper in Midland/ Hazelmere.
    President Bowen we feel foe you.

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