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About 300 residents turned out to the special electors’ meeting on Tuesday night.

Voice of golf course redevelopment opposition loud

By Claire Ottaviano

THE Vines residents had the chance to have their opposition to the proposed redevelopment of The Vines Golf Course heard at a special electors’ meeting on Wednesday night.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a proposed masterplan to remove nine holes of golf course for more housing and its associated impacts on environment, lifestyle and amenity.

Before presentations from the City’s statutory planning manager Phil Russell, Hatch Roberts Day partner Tim Trefry and VRA president Aaron Bowman, Deputy Mayor David Lucas said the City had not received any development application from The Vines WA and that any future application may be decided by an independent panel, not Swan Council.

Mr Bowman said residents were concerned with the proposal.

“We need the City of Swan Council to understand why this proposal or any other similar proposal is not appropriate,” he said.

“As a community we need everyone to be aware that we are totally against any such proposal, whether it is a mere thought bubble, an informal consultation process or a formal application.”

Mr Trefry from Hatch Roberts Day spoke about the public consultation process and outlined the next phase.

“Based on feedback and the recent financial performance, The Vines WA believed there was a need to refresh The Vines for long-term viability,” he said.

“As a result, they undertook an internal review where they considered a number of options… then put those options in the vision document to go out for public comment and discussion.

“They are aware of your concerns and they are listening.

“Over the next couple of months they will determine how they want to proceed, if at all.”

More than 25 residents asked and made public statements, all against the redevelopment, with four motions moved by all present.

Only two motions contained direct actions, with the third listing a set of questions about maintenance and constitutional obligations of The Vines Resort and the fourth thanking the Vines Resident’s Association (VRA) and City for the meeting.

The first motion, moved by Jo Rogers, asked the City of Swan to acknowledge the residents’ concerns regarding threat to their lifestyle and the environment and the second moved by Gavan Troy requested the City follow its 2019 decision on managing growth in the City, which did not include The Vines.

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