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Swan Valley Cricket Club volunteer Sandra Hagerty received the female metro volunteer of the year award

Cricket heroes in the spotlight

THREE eastern and hills cricket clubs were recognised amongst the State’s best at the 2021/22 WA Community Cricket Awards on Monday.

Swan Valley Cricket Club volunteer Sandra Hagerty received the female metro volunteer of the year award and Darlington Junior Cricket Club’s Dave and Lore Gannaway the coordinator of the year award.

Kalamunda Cricket Club received the community partnership of the year award with coach Steve Pabst also being honoured with the junior community cricket coach of the year award.

Passionate Swan Valley Cricket Club volunteer and chaplain Ms Hagerty said she was shocked and overwhelmed when she found out she won.

“I almost fell off my chair,” she said.

“I was together with everyone at the club, we had it up on the big screen and when they said my name I just sunk in the chair and almost slid off.”

As the club chaplain Ms Hagerty maintains everything to do with player welfare, from mental health to players experiencing drug and alcohol and domestic violence issues.

But she does so much more than that.

She is also assistant to the junior girls coordinator, helps write the club’s grant applications and even hand sewed and stitched new training nets.

“I am the problem solver,” she said.

“I see the need and get it done, anything I can do that is going to improve the lives of others is always my ‘why’.

“When I did chaplaincy training I said I wished everyone could do the training to have more understanding and compassion for other people, to think outside the square and think what can I do and how I can be part of the change.”

In 2021 she also took on the Star Blaster program, a program for children with disabilities, after only one child signed up in the Swan Valley region.

“The change we saw in that boy over the season was incredible,” she said.

“What if all clubs looked at things other than how they would financially benefit the club and instead said what is this going to do for this boy and his family.

“Sport is one of those things that helps kids and families stay healthy and be healthy families.”

WA Cricket plays a leading role in providing opportunities for all Western Australians to play the game, reach their full potential and represent their State or Country at the highest level.

By Claire Ottaviano


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