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Moe family Australia Day 2022
The Moe family are excited to contribute to the future of the country after they officially become Australian citizens next week.

We are one

By Claire Ottaviano

GOOD schools, fantastic work opportunities and a well-rounded life is what drew the Moe family from India to life in Perth’s eastern suburbs ten years ago.

Three of the family-of-four will be among 70 City of Swan residents receiving their Australian citizenship next Wednesday, January 26.

Seven-year-old Keanu, born in Australia, will be cheering from the sidelines while 13-year-old brother Ayden, mother Tumpa and father Michael take the pledge.

Mr Moe said the family had heard about, and later experienced, what it was like to live in Australia through three of his sisters who reside in Perth and in Melbourne.

“We thought it was a great opportunity to bring up a family in a country like Australia because of the sense of community, the education system and the support system,” he said.

“It’s been amazing – the exposure and opportunity for the kids in terms of education and activities and for my wife and I taking our careers further.”

A selection of quality schools and proximity to open spaces made Brabham their ideal new home.

“The choice to live in Brabham was very intentional because of the space available and the community itself,” he said.

“It was the whole area where you had schools and playgrounds and really it was very conducive for kids growing up in that environment.”

Swan’s Australia Day citizenship inductees come from Italy, Myanmar, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, India, Brazil, Kenya, Canada, United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, Vietnam, Ireland, Serbia and Afghanistan.

“We really feel blessed to be in Perth and WA, especially in the past two-and-a-half years,” Mr Moe said.

“It will be pretty special this Australia Day because it signifies our completeness into the community and our contributions to the history of this country.”

Swan deputy mayor Mel Congerton said every new citizen made valuable contributions to the community.

“The City is a big and beautiful community of diverse and rich cultures that we love to celebrate at every opportunity,” he said.

“We warmly welcome our new Australian citizens with open arms and look forward to having them part of the City of Swan family for many years to come.”

In 2021 the City welcomed almost 1400 new citizens across the year with 14 ceremonies planned for 2022.

Next week’s ceremony also includes a formal sit down lunch in Stirling Square gardens and Citizen of the Year award presentations.

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