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WestCycle mountain bike manager Marg McIlroy tests out the new facilities at the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park in Greenmount.

World class trails send riders sky high

By Claire Ottaviano

WITH ramps more than 6m high and gap jumps wide enough to drive an excavator through, the new extreme double black diamond mountain biking trail, one of 20 new trails recently opened at the Goat Farm in Greenmount, is not for the faint hearted.

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park Redevelopment Project has evolved the park into a world class mountain bike network with beginner and adaptive trails to black diamond graded trails to challenge even the most skilled riders.

WestCycle mountain bike manager Marg McIlroy said the $1.2 million upgrades added 20km of inclusive trails to the park including trails suitable for riders who typically cannot ride a standard mountain bike, called adaptive riders.

“Adaptive rider numbers have increased and the need for new challenging trails that meet the Adaptive Mountain Bike Standards are in demand,” she said.

“Breaking Boundaries, Probation and Convict are all green loop trails and Wi-fly, a green climbing trail, are all rated suitable for adaptive rider use.

“Rampage, our first double black diamond trail in the Perth Hills, is only for the most skilled rider with gap jumps wide enough to drive an excavator through and ramps over 6m high.”

A jump and skills park is also currently being built to provide opportunities for riders to progress from green easy features all the way up to the extreme black jumps and drops.

The project is part of the State Government’s $20 million contribution towards Trail Projects in WA.

“The popularity of mountain biking and off-road riding in WA has been increasing at a rapid pace over the last decade when compared to other outdoor activities,” Ms McIlroy said.

“The trend we have witnessed over the past two years, due to restrictions relating to COVID-19, where non-riders choose to ride a bike as a form of escape, resulted in an exponential growth in the industry.”

The redeveloped network will be able to host local, state and national events, putting WA on the map as an international mountain biking destination.

The work has been  completed by WA’s two most experienced mountain bike trail companies, Common Ground Trails who provided the concept design, and Three Chilies Design who are constructing the trails, skills park and jumps.

“WestCycle continues to work with the community and State Government to plan an extensive network of world class sustainable mountain bike trails and facilities across Western Australia,” Ms McIlroy said.

“This has resulted in an unprecedented investment in mountain bike trails in WA with both sides of politics promising increased investment following the March State election.”

History of the Goat Farm by Marg McIlroy

The goat farm has a long history dating back to the 1930’s to our early colonial days.

It was originally a convict depot where convict labour was used to mine bluestone at of one of the quarries.

The Blue stone was laid to form the footings for the Eastern Railway which ran from 1881-1966.

The land was later used as a research facility for goat farmers, it was then redeveloped into a mountain bike park in 2006.

Some of the original stone footings can still be found as you ride the Convict trail down by Convict Creek.

We wanted to acknowledge the heritage of the land, both its convict history and its former used as a goat farm research facility.

We’ve used this rich history in consideration when naming the trails such as Probation, Convict Banishment, Punishment and Linkage, these reflect the times of our early convict labourers and what they had to face.

We’ve also recognised our Aboriginal heritage –  the junior race loop is named Bada Mandoo which is Noongar for little sunbeams, and we’ve named a green loop trail Ngarna, meaning Caterpillar.

The remaining names Bleat St, Blue Tongue, Tipping Point, Updraft, Wi-Fly, Blue Cruiser, Flowtopia, Double Cross, Quadzilla, A Klein, Lucky 13 and RAMPAGE!

We also have ‘Legacy’ which was designed and named by Sam Hill, a local legend and world champion mountain biker, who wanted to leave a legacy, giving back to the mountain bike community and the trails in which he used to ride on as a young boy.

Story presented in the paper alongside National Park desecration outrage

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