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Zig Zag impending closure

Zig Zag closure back on the table

THE privilege of allowing cars on the popular Zig Zag Scenic Drive has proven too costly, with City of Kalamunda staff recommending the road be closed to traffic for good.

Kalamunda Council first made the call to close the tourist attraction to vehicles for a 12-month trial period in May 2020 following a long history of anti-social behaviour.

It then reopened to traffic in May 2021 but with a night-time curfew between 8.30pm and 11.30am.

Now, after a second 12-month trial, Kalamunda staff have again recommended the road be closed and returned to a nature park for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers.

“Whilst the trial has been successful in terms of reduced complaints from residents and reduced anti-social behaviour, giving access to visitors during the day, this option comes at a cost,” the City report said.

Costs include rubbish removal, verges maintenance, security to close the park each night and repairs to damaged bollards and other vandalism.

Staff also suggested permanently closing the road to vehicles was also the best outcome for litter reduction with a whopping 507kg of litter removed from the area in 2019 versus 17kg after the permanent closure in 2020.

If the road is kept open to vehicles, with restricted hours or not, the road would also need to be resurfaced within the next five years at a cost of $300,000.

Unless the cost was funded through a rate increase, staff said the City could simply not afford it and a permanent closure was the best outcome.

The proposal evoked mixed feelings from councillors at Tuesday’s agenda briefing with Cr Dylan O’Connor pushing for a continuation of the current trial.

“If the complaints have dropped off [during the trial] why are we considering closure instead of maintaining what has been a relatively acceptable trial condition,” he said.

Cr John Giardina went as far as saying a closure would be the “nail in the coffin” of tourism to the area.

“From a tourism point of view I think it will be a disaster… the only way we are going to survive up here is through tourism,” he said.

Council will make its decision at the next meeting on May 24.

By Morgan de Smidt 

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  1. Hello,

    Old people such as my wife and I take visitors up to 11 or 12 PM to see the lights of the city…closure after this time would be preferred
    Warm Regards,
    Steve & Tracy Taylor

  2. Tony Konieczek

    This is an important attraction.
    Whenever we have visitors from out of state or overseas, one of the things we show them is the views from the ZigZag.
    Please do not close it permanently.

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