Letters of the week April 26, 2024

No loo at Wooroloo

Dear Echo News,

I wish to express my frustration and disappointment over the lack of toilet and water facilities at the Wooroloo cemetery… As a lot of my family and friends are buried at the cemetery I have attended a lot of funerals there…I can not believe the lack of facilities at the grounds such as toilets, seating and water.

At a recent funeral there were a lot of elderly and frail attendees at the funeral.

On several occasions we had to transport the elderly attendees all the way to the public toilets in the town centre…. Before and after the funeral service…on a 40 degree day.

This purely is not good enough, another uncle of mine attending the funeral is blind, so you could imagine how hard it was to have to take him away from the funeral procession, put him and his walker into the car and transport him to the nearest toilet.

I honestly don’t believe I would be the only one who has ever shed light on the lack of amenities at the cemetery and bought this to light.

I hope something can be done in the future by the shire.

Grant Small


Chidlow Street a ‘drag strip’

Dear Echo News,

Who in Chidlow Street feels safe having a drag strip right outside their homes?

I was walking my dogs today and I witnessed a near miss accident with a small child crossing the street on his scooter and nearly getting hit, the driver was not doing the speed limit.

I’m surprised there has not been a fatality, this road after school is a sea of red and blue uniformed kids making their way home.

The road has become a short cut for motorists cutting through from Bunning Road to Chidlow.

It is scary sometimes sitting in the lounge listening to the speed that some cars travel waiting for the bang.

There is a school 40 km zone at the Chidlow end but there is some confusion as to whether it’s a school or a church?

Our neighbour lost her dog as it got run down recently. Something permanent needs to be done to fix this accident waiting to happen, and I don’t mean speed cameras, police or your speed is ‘this’ sign, or bin stickers saying slow down think of our kids.

We need a permanent fix - either a no through road, speed bumps or roundabout to slow things down.

Come on guys I don’t want to say I told you so when someone gets hit......

Concerned citizen.

Steve Turner
Mount Helena


Unsolicited congrats

Dear Echo News,

Thank you!

I have actually started to read the Echo again.

It is now starting to provide decent content.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

More opinion pieces would be good, but definitely headed in the right direction.

John Bell
Mount Helena

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