Letters of the week August 18, 2023

Fred turns 93!

Dear Echo News,

Fred Harvey was born and bred in Bellevue. He was one of nine children, but tragically one of his brothers drowned in the local clay hole at the age of eight – Fred was the youngest child.

Fred spent his entire life in the same house, on the same street in which he was born. His garden was always immaculately maintained, and he took pride in planting a vegetable patch which provided fresh produce for his family.

Frank Daniels Printing Company was his place of work for 42 years where he was a machinist. His Honda 250 motorcycle was his favourite form of transport to and from work. He retired in 1995.

The love of his life was Valma Mary Harvey (nee Flint) and together they celebrated 66 years of marriage. Valma passed away last November and took with her a massive part of his heart.

Valma and Fred had three children – Vicky, Leanne and Neil.

One of Freds favourite things to do is to play the mouth organ. He has even got his own CD entitled The Best of Fred – a collection of his most treasured songs.

Fred now resides in Midland Nursing Home and his mouth organ is never far away – he plays “happy birthday” to all the residents when it’s their birthday!

He also has them asking for requests and hanging out by his door to hear him practice. He is without a word of doubt, a favourite amongst the staff.

Happy 93rd birthday for August 11 Fred Harvey.

L Harvey



Elections upcoming

Dear Echo News,

Once again local government elections will be held in October.

Those standing would do well to remember that the elderly and infirm are 25 per cent of the population, both nationally and right here in the City of Kalamunda – and most of us vote. Candidates need to be prepared to talk the talk and walk the walk.

No more mucking about, as aged care providers are now walking away from an industry in crisis, as the Royal Commission into Aged Care pointed out.   

Well, I would have to say as an aged care advocate for 21 years – ‘I told you so’ – as this has

been coming for years.

It is now up to all three tiers of government to pick up the pieces and fix aged care which has been broken for a generation.

Roll on the local government elections as first cab off the ramp and good luck to all candidates. You are going to need it.

I Jones



Guides wasted

Dear Echo News,

It would appear that I was correct in my letter Printer problems? (Echo News, July 14) that the non-appearance of the City of Kalamunda’s hard-copy 2023-2024 waste and recycling guide was because of a penny-pinching exercise.

I say this because an advertisement placed by the city in the following edition of Echo News informs us that the guide is now available online because “we have listened to your feedback and are now reducing waste by going digital.”

Oh yeah, I bet those opposed to this scheme were not given the opportunity to raise their dissenting voices and the change was no doubt made to save printing and postage costs.

Furthermore, I am sure many others apart from myself will find it difficult to stick their computer on the fridge door in lieu of the magnet-backed hard-copy waste and recycling guide to check at a glance if they should be putting out their recycle bin that week, not to mention the host of other valuable recycling information contained in this brochure.

But as a minor face-saving gesture, the city advised in the same advertisement that hard-copies will be posted out to those ratepayers who order one online or by phone.

C Coulthard

Gooseberry Hill

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