Letters of the week August 4, 2023

Privatising public spaces

Dear Echo News,

I’m encouraged to read in Screen production at Whiteman a step closer (Echo News, July 21) that Cr Henderson appreciates the value of public open space, at least as far as Whiteman Park is concerned.

Cr Henderson said the reason for not supporting the MRS proposal was that the proposed use was commercial in nature which did not accord with the purpose of the land being a public purpose.”

Unfortunately, recent council decisions will see the sale of remaining parts of Midland Oval to anyone who makes an offer, and also the demolition of the senior citizens’ building, again to offer the land for sale to the private sector.

Midland is supposedly a regional urban centre, but will now be left with no community centre, no sports facilities and virtually no recreational parkland, thanks to Cr Henderson and the majority on council who have voted thus.

The community have expressed their view in many venues, but been consistently ignored.

P Irwin



Vicious dogs

Dear Echo News,

On Sunday July 23, around 3pm, my husband and I were walking along Amherst Road over the Helena River Bridge, merely going for a walk in the sun.

Walking towards us were a young couple with their dog who was wearing a harness and was on a lead.

We went into a single file to pass this couple. We were hemmed in with the rail of the bridge and the guard rail along the road.

I went first followed by my husband, we said hello to the dog, who was a medium sized dog, which then viciously lunged at my husband and bit him on his left side.

He pushed the dog off with his arm and said a few choice words. We moved away to put some room between us and the dog.

The owner asked the dog “what was that all about,” then asked my husband “did he bite you?’’. The couple then proceeded to walk off.

In a bit of shock, we turned and continued to walk away. When we got home my husband lifted his polar fleece jumper and t-shirt, there were teeth marks on his left side above his hip that had broken the skin.

This vicious dog jumped up to bite my husband. I shudder to think what would have happened if it were a child this dog attacked.

I only wish we had thought to take a photo with our phone of this dog and reported it and the owners to the ranger.

All vicious dogs should have to wear a muzzle when out in public.

L Stinton


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