Letters of the week January 26, 2024

Ash Wednesday

Dear Echo News,

I’m a priest in the Anglican Parish of Kalamunda-Lesmurdie and I’m writing to let the readers of Echo News know that I’ll be in the Central Mall at Kalamunda on Ash Wednesday, February 14, from 11am to 1pm, offering imposition of ashes to any that wish it.

I realise it can be quite hard to get to a church on a weekday, so I thought I would go where people are.

The imposition of ashes is a very old Christian tradition.

It’s simple but deeply meaningful – a cross is marked on each person’s forehead in ash.

This ritual signifies the start of a person’s journey through the season of Lent, when Christians contemplate their mortality, and look to grow in relationship with God.

If you’d like to be marked with ashes, or if you’re curious about Lent and Easter and would like to have a chat, come say hello on Ash Wednesday.

Fr G Bowland

The Anglican Parish of Kalamunda-Lesmurdie


Parking business

Dear Echo News,

I’d like to bring to your attention the insane approval of a development in Ellenbrook.

For anyone that lives in Ellenbrook, you’ll know how crazy the Spudshed car park is now – especially with the gym there.

Early last year, approval was given by the Joint Development Assessment Panel for the construction of a two-story complex at Lot 8336 The Promenade, designed to act as a medical centre and a day care facility.

The proposed building, once completed, alone could eliminate 70 car bays but if you add use by workers and clients of the new centre – it’s easily 100 bays gone.

I believe this facility cannot go-ahead, as there is no way there is any ability for parking to be appropriate for all the clients within the complex now plus with this new development.

I believe current occupants such as the gym, Spudshed and other businesses will see a decrease in business because of this development.

J Eaton



Social says...

approval overlooks groundwater issues

L Deering

It is not acceptable to build service stations near residents nor residential areas in Claremont on health grounds – proven research.

Yet it’s acceptable in the City of Swan and by the state government?

Who and where is our local state representative?

Reducing environmental impacts is a high priority and protecting water ways an urgent matter across the state.

There is clearly a discrepancy if councillors on a panel do not represent the views of their constituents and in this case their entire council?

Who decides representation on these committees? Why have these councillors not followed through to represent their council views? Who are these two representing? Their ward must feel totally safe.

A Parker

Ah yes, the NIMBYs are at it again.

Echo Newspaper, did you not think it relevant to mention that during the public consultation period, 40 submissions were received and only 11 of them were against the proposal while 28 were either supportive or conditionally supportive?

It seems like a better headline might be “Bullsbrook roadhouse receives majority support from locals”...

Unfinished Bassendean apartments to go

M Wills

Wanton destruction!

Hope they all get their money back without going penniless for years with court action and bugger all satisfaction!

K Jade

In the middle of housing crisis…

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