Letters of the week July 14, 2023

Printer problems?

Dear Echo News,

It would appear that the City of Kalamunda is losing interest in encouraging ratepayers to recycle as much household waste as possible.

I believe that a copy of their fridge magnet backed waste and recycling guide was posted to each household when they first appeared in service, but then in more recent years it has been necessary to locate a copy yourself.

However, now that the 2022/2023 edition has expired, and I could not find a copy of the 2023/2024 version anywhere, I enquired at the City of Kalamunda office, where I was informed that the new ones were not yet available and there was some doubt as to whether or not any would in fact be printed this year.

If this is true, I do hope it is not the result of a penny-pinching budget cut.

C Coulthard
Gooseberry Hill


Planning for hell

Dear Echo News,

D Cruden in his letter From one crossing to another (Echo News, July 7) hit the nail on the head regarding Midland’s new whole of city transport terminal.

The original design briefing done ages ago asked all the old railway workshop workers what they thought.

“Yep, we used to walk over a pedestrian bridge with our gladstone bags, with our lunch in it in 1956, and then the whistle blew and then it was hi ho hi ho off to work we did go,” they said.

Great history, great participatory democracy, which the local politicians who are avoiding the issue today could learn from.

Unfortunately, Perth has almost a million cars these days looking for somewhere to park, to then catch a train to wherever – Fremantle, Perth central station, Bayswater, Mandurah and even Byford soon.

I believe these young architect planners need to go back to the drawing board where they need to find a solid vision.

Put in a horseshoe bridge like structure at the Helena Street end.

And, like Perth Central, pop a station in behind the whole area up to Cale Street with modern, well-lit underground pedestrian links to the hospital and the whole refurbished Clayton Street retail zone and office zone built these last twenty years.

And then, one day, the bus station carpark area which is at the Helena Street Centrepoint Shopping Centre end could see a few low rise residential and office towers coupled with the usual downtown lifestyle.

But no, this current plan will see Midland Gate and station becoming just another hell zone with cars, cars and more cars – alongside increased street violence.

What are they teaching students at urban planning schools these days?

Are they so lacking in a vision that will serve Midland for the next forty years?

Why don’t they fund a trip back to London and look at Crossways, or even Google Canary Wharf Station – now there’s a bright idea for the Swan Public Transport Authority planners.

R Wood


St John of Good

Dear Echo News,

As a journalist I am super aware of the amount of negative stories about Perth hospitals that the media features.

So I’d like to pay tribute to the exemplary care of both St John Ambulance officers and the Critical Care team (Michelle, Ed and many more specialists so ably assisted by wonderful nursing staff) at St John of God in Midland.

At this time of the year this high-level team is very busy, so please do your bit by getting vaccinated, thus helping to reduce the incidence of Influenza A that’s not only serious in itself, but can trigger conditions you’ll want to avoid.

Thank you to the two St Johns in Midland – those of us who live in the hills are lucky to have your range of skills on our doorstep and we are very appreciative.

T Wiltshire

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