Letters of the week June 7, 2024

Get ready
Dear Echo News,
Yet another expense for rate payers.

We fill our general rubbish bin every week with, you guessed it, general rubbish.

We fill our recycle bin every fortnight.

We compost all our organics on site so when we receive our new FOGO bin it won’t be used for organics.

I think with a few holes drilled in the bottom it will make an excellent compost bin on wheels.

What a great idea.

However, that doesn’t solve the problem of our general rubbish.

Will the council be reducing our bin collection cost by half or providing us with 26 tip passes.

We need to know how we are expected to get rid of our rubbish without the cost of an additional general rubbish bin provided by the council at our expense.
Mundaring shire residents


HorsePower gets positive feedback
Dear Echo News,
HorsePower Hills has received a lot of positive feedback about the National Volunteer Week story and the hilarious cartoon about Alwyne Roach.

We have also had a surge in calls from people interested in volunteering with us, and from parents interested in placing their child with us.

Cheers to Echo News and its community impact.
Lynn F

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