Letters of the week May 17, 2024

No excuse to support lip service
Dear Echo News,

Last year City of Swan councillors were urged not to support the reduced deputation time from five minutes to three minutes.

Deputations are a last resort to correct nuances or ensure disinformation is corrected - they indicate matters of importance.

Last year to justify voting in support of reduced time council representatives used the excuse it was to align with state reforms.

New state reforms were announced last month recommending a deputation time of five minutes?

Deputations are important forums – a week ago behind closed doors this ‘three versus five minutes’ was discussed.

Let’s watch carefully what our council does especially given the disregard of AE motions, this year.

At election time attended by over six candidates at an event (all, but one) stated they would reinstate deputations to five minutes.

Make a note – those whose word can be relied, those who value your views and participation – and councillors who give ‘lip service’.

Everywhere, government is trying to regain and build trust, open the dialogue, but not at our council?

Name supplied


No over or under pass!
Dear Echo News,
OK the State Government have been closing railway crossings (Armadale line).


Now the Helena Street Midland is to close July this year.


However, we are to open a new crossing at Cale St Midland.

Grapes (sour).

Well Minister is it because you forgot or couldn’t get the land to do an over or under pass?

One step forward two steps back.

Typical pollie actions.

D Cruden
Jane Brook


Toughest firearm laws in the nation
Dear Echo News,

To the West Australian Labor government and WA Police minister.

Thanks for introducing toughest firearms laws in country.

Firearms owners have long memories.

Western Australia has 2,700,000 people, 1,700,000 voters, 90,000 firearms owners, 59 state electorates and 28,000 voters each electorate.

New WA gun laws won’t change 2022 statistics:

• Three homicides by firearms , 94 homicides other means.

• 17 suicides by firearms, but 377 suicides other means.

• 17 police suicides, 11 serving, six former officers.

• Won’t change 170+ road deaths a year.

• 30+ drowning a year.

• 20+ deaths by fire.

• 2+ E scooter deaths a year.

• 105 Covid-19 deaths Jan 1, 2024 to April 5, 2024.

New WA gun laws, government offered buyback is 5-10 per cent market value of firearms.
WA owners will be ‘moving deck chairs on the Titanic.’

Those with too many, sell those to those below threshold.

Others will change licenses to new categories; collectors, businesses, hunters, manufacturers, corporate, etc.

Thanks for introducing toughest firearms laws in country to Western Australia.

R Bogerd

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