Letters of the week May 24, 2024

Nationals short memory
Dear Echo News,

Nationals Leader Shane Love MP has forgotten that it was his party in 2011, with the Liberals, that stripped planning from councils by inventing development assessment panels (DAPs.)

They changed the Planning Act so big business could bypass local communities.

His bunch were the architects of disempowerment and the Nationals pledge to act is hollow.

Best wishes.

N Dickinson
Gooseberry Hill


Salvos Red Shield appeal
Dear Echo News,

With The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal around the corner, I wanted to share a bit about why I’m so passionate in my work for the Salvos, and why I also put my money where my mouth is as a regular donor.

I see first-hand the people whose lives are transformed by the work of the Salvos - these people are given a new beginning in life.

I know a man who sleeps rough with his cat. He’s kind and stoic, and only asks for help when he’s “in a bind”.

He was thrilled when we sourced a swag for him.

In my work I’ve come to know multiple women who have been subject to horrific physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Women who have felt trapped by their partner, with absolutely no control over any aspect of their lives. These women I know have survived, and are now on the road to thriving.

I know a single mum who works very hard to provide for her kids. She earns just too much that she doesn’t qualify for public housing, yet she is priced out of the private rental market. Her tenacity and ability to pick herself up from setback after setback continuously inspires me.

I know a teen who lived in the disabled toilet of a train station when he was kicked out of home. He tried for as long as he could to keep going to school, but without any money, food, or amenities, he found himself at one of our crisis accommodation services.

He’s now in his 30s, and passionate about using music to help other teens who are at risk or are experiencing homelessness.

There’s a beautiful woman who often catches up on sleep at our centre. We love to have a chat and share a meal together. The Salvos are her safe space.

These are just some of the people I know. And just some of the reasons that I give to our Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal every year.

The money raised allows us to support people to make safe, healthy, new beginnings in life.

New beginnings that not only change the course of their lives, but positively change the lives of their children, and their children’s children. How do I know? Because I’ve seen it.

To donate to this year’s Red Shield Appeal, or if you need support from the Salvos, visit salvationarmy.org.au or call 13 SALVOS. You can also donate at any Salvos Store.

L Martin
Salvation Army community worker


Climate activists sing
Dear Echo News,

Voices for Climate sang up a disruptive storm as the Australian Energy Producers’ annual conference gathered for cocktails at WA Museum Boola Bardip last Monday evening.

Members from many different climate activist groups created Voices for Climate to sing their alarm and frustration at the lack of meaningful action to prevent catastrophic ecological breakdown due to global heating.

They sang a re-purposed version of Stop in the Name of Love to draw attention to what they call the disgusting capitulation of governments to the short-term lure of profits from gas, coal and oil.

Not only have the state and federal governments committed billions of our taxpayer dollars to subsidising the fossil fuel industry, they have ignored the science and their own targets to reduce carbon emissions.

They are actively contributing to what the United Nations has warned is ahead if fossil fuel driven warming continues on its current trajectory: global chaos, war and untold human suffering.

Members of Voices for Climate are ordinary citizens who have read and understand the science and who see the climate devastation already occurring.

We are not talking about fringe science, we are talking about the science used by the Bureau of Meteorology, the CSIRO and the Water Corporation.

These government bodies know the danger ahead if the reckless support of fossil fuels, including gas, continues. Yet our elected leaders are not listening to their own scientists.

H Greville

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