Letters of the week May 3, 2024

Grass is greener
Dear Echo News,

Yes, it is greener on the other side of the bridge in Bassendean.

Take a look at the river reserves at The Point, Sand Beach and Success Hill Bassendean and compare it to our Historic Fish Market reserve and Kings Meadows at Hill Street, Guildford, what an embarrassment to long suffering Guildford ratepayers.

Tourists shake their heads in disbelief, how can Swan treat such historic sites with such contempt.

This is where Stirling decided to establish Guildford as the first inland settlement in WA. I am sure he would be very disappointed.
It doesn’t stop there, over the top and none-compliant ballard around Sterling Square, no lightning (on their eye watering cost $400,000 to $500,000) on the new Anzac bronze statue in historic Sterling Square.

The list goes on and on and there isn’t enough room to list more of Swan’s failures and contempt in the way it handles historic Guildford.

It’s time to look to a far, better operator Bassendean!

Concerned resident



Chidlow Street is a ‘drag strip’
Dear Echo News,

I am writing to totally agree with the letter Chidlow Street a ‘drag strip’ (Echo News, April 26).

I too live on Chidlow Street and am fed up with the unacceptable noise of racing motor bikes and utes.

It will only be a matter of time until there is a fatality.

I am not surprised that a dog has already been killed and feel that it is only a matter of time until a child or pedestrian meets the same fate.

Perhaps ‘slow points’ along Chidlow Street might alleviate the problem.

J Paxman
Mt Helena


Call for compulsory military training
Dear Echo News,

Compulsory military training is needed to renew Australia’s defence capability and equip young people as responsible adults, instead of recruiting non-citizens from overseas.

A two-year training program would solve problems of illiteracy, obesity, delinquency and unemployment, while helping young people develop citizenship values greatly needed in Australia.

FamilyVoice believes compulsory military training is necessary to renew the shrinking number of police and defence personnel, and it has no confidence in the announcement by the federal government that defence will undertake a workforce plan, and possibly recruit non-citizens from overseas.

We don’t need to import soldiers and police when we can train our own young people.

And since we specify all citizens must help defend Australia, if called upon, we must take steps to sensibly train young people for that purpose, and for their benefit and that of society.

Many other nations run successful programs of compulsory military training, and it’s time our politicians had the courage to stand up for the meaning of Australian citizenship.

D d’Lima
Family Voice

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