Letters of the week November 10, 2023

Swinging elections

Dear Echo News,

In the last 40 state elections there was generally a two per cent swing to change government.

There are strong Labor, Liberal, National seats that should never have changed.

Out of all the Liberal, Labor and Nationals seats, there are just 10 swinging seats in the lower house, where 300 people per seat can change government.

A total of 3000 out of 1.1million voters change government.

In my opinion, elections are won by the leader’s public image, not policies.

The charisma, personality shown on television by the former premier Mark McGowan, with his 88 per cent approval rating, he could have won government, being member of any party: Liberal, Labor, Nationals, Greens or even the Legalise Cannabis party.

Now we have a democratically elected Labor dictatorship for next four years.

They control the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. New legislation reflect’s that dictatorship in government.

McGowan has left government now.

The next two leader’s personalities of the major parties will determine the next election.

So, we’ll go back to close call elections.

In my opinion, at the moment, an informal vote could win, if it was a ‘first past the post’ election.

R Bogerd



Halloween treat

Dear Echo News,

I live on Kadina Road in Gooseberry Hill and wholeheartedly participate in the Halloween festivities, dressing up and decorating the house and meeting all the children as they come onto the street with their whimsical and often harmonious “trick or treat!”

This year was absolutely amazing and so busy on Kadina Road and the surrounding area.

There were three things that truly impressed me though this year.

The first was the level of effort that some of the young adults had gone to with their costumes, some even having made their own masks, and some of these were extremely intricate (my favourites being a large blue fish worn over the head and a stormtrooper helmet).

The second was the many kind and thoughtful people that brought along bags of lollies of their own and offered them to those houses that were running low.

Finally, the manners of all the children was second to none.

The use of please and thank you abounded all evening.

To the parents that came out with their kids that night pat yourselves on the back you are doing a marvellous job.

I can’t wait for next year (although I will have to invest in a new costume).

T Taylor

Gooseberry Hill


Bullies with the upper hand?

Dear Echo News,

Is it just me or does it seem like all the friendly school children from caring families are being shamed and gaslighted by kids from complex homes and backgrounds.

When did the ‘bullies’ gain the upper hand and the support of school management? And why do the ‘bullies’ seem to have a free pass to terrorise and intimidate the other students?

Trendy phrases like ‘neurodiversity’, ‘personal safety’, and ‘professional environment’ are being thrown around carelessly in educational settings.

School management teams are using these phrases widely out-of-context to support the ‘bad’ behaviour of certain students.

What happened to students being accountable for their actions?

R Beris

High Wycombe


Clarity in debate

Dear Echo News,

I wish to comment on the letter Mourning increased (Echo News, November 3).

The Hasluck electorate voted 66.8 per cent No because the proposal lacked information and was emotionally presented, and could not advance the Indigenous people.

NT senator Jacinta Price brought clarity to the debate, through her life experiences in her community.

Ms Price has the courage to tell the real truth and offers the knowledge on how to improve her people’s life and conditions.

Ms Price is a breath of fresh air in a stale political climate in Australia, and should be supported and encouraged.

The Yes people should understand Ms Price wants improvement for her people in a more hands on way in the communities not from Canberra.

I hope we can encourage more Jacinta Price’s into parliament.

I Carlile

Glen Forrest

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