Letters of the week November 24, 2023

Praise for the humble radio

Dear Echo News,

Optus went down, and Australia was in panic.

The 2023 – 2024 bushfire season is also approaching.

When the power goes out – we lose everything.

Mobile phone communication from the likes of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, our NBN, our landlines and our internet.

In other words, all forms of communications – except radio.

Will ABC radio be providing more emergency broadcasts when power fails?

I’ve put new batteries in my radio just in case, so hopefully we are ready.

R Bogerd



Great work Izzy and Penny

Dear Echo News,

What inspiring students you are to organise the submission to help improve the Kalamunda town site by targeting the eyesore at 12 Mead Street Students’ petition drives first steps to change in Kalamunda, (Echo News, November 10), and also to collect community ideas for possible uses for the building.

And to see a positive result in the building on the sale market – well done both of you!

There is another unsightly vacant block in Kalamunda’s main street that had the ‘sock’ treatment but remains weedy and sandy.

Action is also needed there by the owner as well please.

G Bridgement

Gooseberry Hill


Escalator woes

Dear Echo News,

Feeling inspired by the impressive work of Izzy and Penny advocating for the redevelopment of the eyesore 12 Mead Street in Kalamunda Students’ petition drives first steps to change in Kalamunda (Echo News, November 10), I would like to bring to people’s attention to the Kalamunda Central escalator.

For well over a month the escalator has laid dormant – presumably broken, originally an inconvenience, now a terrible joke played upon all who frequently enter from the mall, often negatively impacting the elderly and infirm wishing to avoid the cataclysmic spectacle that is the carpark.

Centre management is well-neigh existent and actively avoidant while hiding behind their locked door and a phone number which leads into the void of corporate uncaring.

One would only assume Knight Frank, having a property portfolio worth $817 billion globally, could spare a paltry sum to maintain a requirement of easy access.

B Park

High Wycombe


Escalator response

Kalamunda Central is aware of an escalator that is currently out of commission and is taking the appropriate action to ensure it is repaired in a timely fashion.

Unfortunately, there have been delays due to access to replacement parts from the supplier.

While we are awaiting repairs, our customers are able to access three alternative entry points conveniently located near car bays, with ramp/walkway access for the elderly and people with disabilities to use. Kalamunda Central wishes to thank the local community for their patience on this matter.

Knight Frank

Kalamunda Central


Homeless pigeons

Dear Echo News,

I know one lot who will not be happy that the derelict building at 12 Mead Street, Kalamunda is on the market and, if sold, will no doubt be demolished and the site redeveloped Students’ petition drives first steps to change in Kalamunda (Echo News, November 10).

That is the group of pigeons that have made their home under the roof which they access through broken tiles.

C Coulthard

Gooseberry Hill

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