Letters of the week October 13, 2023

Stolen election signs

Dear Echo News,

There are several local government election signs from all factions at the end of my street, and they have been pulled up or stolen for the last few nights.

I believe in a fair go for everyone, so I go out every morning and try to restore them in the interests of democracy and will continue to do so.

Those who scuttle around in the night to destroy signage are a public disgrace.

But they need to be aware of hidden cameras and to expect a heavy knock on their door as a result of their disgusting, cowardly behaviour out there in the dark.

To them I say, voice your opinion at the ballot box or suffer the consequences when you are caught on camera.

I Jones



Grubby graffitists

Dear Echo News,

For many years we have enjoyed seeing the graffiti on the back of the Petro Technics building in Walliston, when we take the dog for a walk in that bush area.

Some time ago, the shire placed two big bins there for the artists to place their used spray paint cans, and up until a few weeks ago, the place was spotless.

However, it has now got a multitude of cans just thrown on the ground, and also some of the roller trays, some right next to the bin.

The bins are nowhere near full so that would not be an excuse.

Sadly, any accolades that may have been given are withdrawn. Please walk all of the two or three metres to where the bins are and use them.

I Sanderson



Sidewalk struggle

Dear Echo News,

I would vote for any councillor who is seeking re-election, or election, to the City of Kalamunda, if they would put on the agenda the cleaning up of the sidewalks on Kalamunda Road between Newburn and Abernethy Roads.

These are in a disgusting condition and have been for some time. There seems to be a scarcity of council workers in this area.

T Merrett

High Wycombe


What is the cost?

Dear Echo News,

We all think democracy is a good thing, but maybe we have gone too far.

It seems that we want to directly elect the mayor in our local council. But think about it. Maybe we just elect the candidate with the most money, or even worse.

Those letters and flyers which come in your letterbox, those corflute signs which are decorating each vantage point in your area, all cost money.

The wealthier candidates even pay postage to send letters through Australia Post to every household.

That’s thousands of dollars for a start.

Those corflute signs are increasingly expensive.

Maybe a graphic artist needs to be employed to get the best effect. More money.

It is likely that a mayoral candidate needs either to have personal wealth or be backed by big business or by a political party as happens in the Eastern states.

What have we gained by a direct Mayoral vote? How democratic is all this really?

M Maher


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