Letters of the week October 20, 2023

Boot scooting treat

Dear Echo News,

Saturday, October 7, I had the absolute pleasure of attending A Day On the Grass, at the Italian Club in Midland, thanks to having won two tickets through a competition in Echo News.

What a fantastic treat – the atmosphere, the variety of bands and musicians, lots of people jiving, rock and rolling, boot scooting and just having the most wonderful time.

The food and drinks available were perfect for the occasion and the weather was kind, albeit a little on the warm side.

I enjoyed the day so much that would happily pay for a ticket next time it’s on!  Thanks again.

I Sanderson




Council website feedback

Dear Echo News,

My observations of the last City of Swan ordinary council meeting revealed a number of interesting facets on how our council is both governed and how it performs.

Council staff, after a significant effort over considerable time have made major improvements on their website delivery, which is very welcome but still may have unexpected hitches.

For example, after attending council meetings in person for some time I have more recently used the direct viewing service available, so I made another  attempt following the recent upgrades undertaken to the website.

Result: horror, horror – I could not find the online viewing of the council meeting, despite the new general improved overall appearance.

After several attempts I gave up.

I was to subsequently find this highly successful service to ratepayers had somehow been relocated in the changes to the new website.

This was extremely hard to understand when such pride had emerged from the previous service provision by staff and the prominent reference to the facility under the old website.

Not to be denied, I found a way through a new channel.

I struck on the meeting agenda and joined the meeting 23 minutes late.

By this time, my request for attendance details on individual councillors and in particular mayoral candidates over the last term, that I had requested one week prior, was met with an answer of not being available until the next annual report.

I believe it reveals significant factors that perhaps voters, such as myself, may be interested in. Surely, this information is important with a pending election.

G Troy



Slow down

Dear Echo News,

I would like to thank the courteous drivers who obey the speed limits, particularly the 50kmh limit when travelling along Jacoby Street in Mundaring.

Brickbats to the motorists who think that speed limits don’t apply to them.

The worst offenders are those driving their large SUV and 4-wheel drive vehicles, and I have to say ladies that some of you are the worst offenders.

Please show some respect for the residents along that street as some of us have children who have to cross the street to get on and off the school bus every day.

Trying to get in and out of our driveways’ safely has become a nightmare.

Motorists with trailers speeding to and from the tip are another problem, so please just drive at 50kmh in that zone. The speed limit signs are put there for a purpose, not to decorate the side of the road.

By the way I am a woman driver who drives a 4-wheel drive ute, and yes, I do obey the speed limits. It really isn’t that hard!

Fed up


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