Letters of the week October 6, 2023

From pain to unity

Dear Echo News,

I want to express the profound pain and disappointment I feel as an Aboriginal person in response to the nationwide protests against the Voice referendum.

It deeply saddens me to witness such opposition to an initiative that holds immense potential for our collective future.

The Voice aims to tackle critical issues that disproportionately impact Aboriginal communities, including infant mortality, suicide rates, homelessness, unemployment, and health disparities.

These challenges have plagued our communities for far too long, and it is disheartening to see resistance instead of support for initiatives that can bring about positive change.

As Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, we must stand united and work together to address these pressing issues.

Our communities deserve better, and it is only through collaboration and advocacy that we can pave the way for a brighter future.

We need the support and resources necessary to uplift and improve the lives of all Aboriginal individuals, thus improving the nation.

What is particularly disheartening is that these protests seem to perpetuate the pain and despair that Aboriginal people and communities have endured for centuries.

It is a painful reminder of the struggles we have faced and continue to face. Moreover, the mocking of our capacity to grow and contribute to society is deeply hurtful.

We are not conquered peoples; we are resilient, strong, and capable of making significant contributions to our shared society.

Instead of protesting against initiatives that aim to uplift Aboriginal communities, let us come together in a spirit of understanding and collaboration.

By working hand in hand, we can shed the burdens of the past and strive for equality, justice, and opportunity for all Aboriginal people.

Only then can we create a society where our voices are heard, our experiences are valued, and our rightful place as equals is recognised.

Let us channel our pain and disappointment into a powerful call for change.

Together, we can build a future where Aboriginal people are no longer burdened by the legacies of the past but are instead celebrated for their resilience, strength, and contributions to society.

W Bartholomeusz



It’s time

Dear Echo News,

It’s time for the state government to declare Ellenbrook a city. It is one of the fastest growing regions in the state.

It has a population that far exceeds that of many other existing administrations. With the new railway line under construction, it has a bright future.

Importantly, Ellenbrook is an inland expansion of Perth City and further promotion of its development will ease pressure on the never-ending coastal strip.

But, it needs the focus that only having its own administration can bring.

Administration from Midland does not cut the mustard. The present City of Swan lacks a clear sense of purpose and that is an unnecessary source of inner conflict among councillors.

Midland and the older, mainly historical sections of the present City of Swan are a distraction – think Guildford, Woodbridge and Midland itself.

These precincts should be merged with similar neighbouring administrations. That would build the sustainability of those administrations.

It would bring focus to the issues of managing the conflicts between heritage and renewal in those precincts. That too requires focus. Premier Cook – its time!

J Considine



Candidate concerns

Dear Echo News,

There are certain candidates running in the local government elections that are so desperate for election that they are willing to stick their hand up anywhere.

Some have previously ran as candidates in other local government electorates, but believe a quick tree change is enough to be able to spout their ‘local’ credentials.

I am concerned some of these candidates could have ties to political parties and could  be scheming to control local governments.

Voters should question certain candidates who have spent years attempting to integrate into the community purely for political reasons.

This conniving Machiavellianism should be abandoned to yesteryear.

I pin my hopes on residents taking notice and disallowing these tactics come October.

B Zapovednik


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