Boodjar Bidi’s 2023 entry to Sculpture by the sea, titled the Little Boy and the Whale Biindiirrwoorr.

A touch of Guildford in Cottesloe

Now in its 20th year, Sculpture by the Sea opens March 1 with Guildford Grammar's Boodjar Bidi youth art group exhibiting for a third time.
February 15, 2024

THIS year’s Sculpture by Sea exhibition, taking place in Cottesloe again, will feature work from the Guildford Grammar’s Boodjar Bidi Youth Art Group for the third time.

Guildford Grammar design and technology teacher Joshua Casey said it felt fantastic to be back by the sea exhibiting sculptures for the third time.

“This year, our school-based project focuses on bringing to life the story of Kadjil, known as the Crow Man, whose narrative is tied to Mudurup/Cottesloe,” Mr Casey said.

“Kadjil, a powerful sorcerer, had the ability to transform from a man into a crow and was associated with the natural elements of rain beings, thunder beings, and the wind in traditional Noongar beliefs.”

Guildford Grammar’s Boodjar Bidi program involves all 85 Indigenous students at the school, who particularly favour steel as a medium – due to the rust resonating with the natural surroundings of the bush – but also don’t shy away from other materials and mediums.

“We are collaborating with artist and Noongar Traditional Owner Sharyn Egan on the sculpture ‘Balga Boola,’ a vibrant series of Balga trees,” Mr Casey said.

Now in its 20th year, Sculpture by the Sea opens Friday, March 1 and runs until Monday, March 18.

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