WA Police say anyone with a similar experience while attempting to sell a saddle should report the matter to them.

Alleged saddle swindler under investigation

One alleged victim of the saddle swindler says she has been waiting to receive payment from a saddle sold by the swindler last winter.
January 18, 2024
Gera Kazakov

WA Police are investigating complaints a Perth saddle consignment dealer is allegedly withholding funds from saddle sales in the eastern suburbs and the Wheatbelt.

A police spokesperson said WA Police had received a number of complaints from members of the public relating to the sale of their horse saddles via a company advertising their sales services online.

“The complaints generally relate to the complainant not receiving the proceeds from the sale of their saddle,’’ the spokesperson said.

*Tanya (not her real name) believes she may be a victim, as she engaged with a saddle consignment dealer last March to sell a saddle.

“It was a very good saddle valued at around $2000 and I wanted $1200 for it, but as it had not sold by May and I needed money to look for a new saddle, I asked to drop the price and said that I wanted $900 in my hand.”

Tanya said she first became concerned at the end of June when her phone calls and messages to the dealer went unanswered.

She said when she finally received correspondence from them at the end of November, it was only excuses as to why Tanya couldn’t be paid the money owed from the sale of her saddle.

Tanya said she was then contacted by a buyer who said they paid $1750 for her saddle – which she believes was sold in June – meaning that Tanya is owed $1365 after the dealer takes the 22 per cent commission from the sale.

To this day, Tanya said she still has not received any money from the sale.

A Consumer Protection spokesperson said that due to confidentiality obligations they were unable to provide details about complaints received or investigations which were underway into a particular business.

“Under Australian consumer law, traders must supply goods or services in a reasonable time, or by completion date listed on the contract,” they said.

“If the trader is unable to supply the goods or services, the consumer may be able to cancel the contract for a refund and return of the goods.’’

The Consumer Protection spokesperson urged consumers and traders to resolve issues together in the first instance, but if an acceptable outcome was unable to be reached, consumers could lodge a complaint with them so that they could investigate further.

The police spokesperson said anyone with similar experience attempting to sell their saddle is encouraged to report the matter to police.

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