SJWA community engagement officer Linzy Lopez teaching first aid at Anne Hamersley Primary School in Ellenbrook.

Anne Hamersley primary receive first aid training

SJWA’s First Aid Focus is a charitably funded in-school program for students ranging from pre-kindy to Year 12.
May 23, 2024

THE Ellenbrook community will be supported by the donation of first aid training in schools thanks to St John WA working with not-for-profit health insurance provider HIF.

According to a recent study by the Australasian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (Aus-ROC) the local government area of Swan Hills, in which Ellenbrook falls, had among the poorest rates of bystander CPR for the state.

St John WA is answering the call to help create more resilient communities by delivering free age-appropriate first aid classes to more than 200 students at Anne Hamersley Primary School with funding support by HIF.

Delivering school-based first aid training not only enhances students’ knowledge, skills and confidence in providing CPR, it could serve as ‘CPR multipliers’, with children passing the acquired skills and knowledge onto family members and friends.

HIF’s partnership with SJWA began three years ago with the aim of growing healthcare services for the benefit of WA’s outlying and fastest growing communities.

HIF chief executive officer Justin James spoke about the importance of HIF’s partnership with St John.

“We are really proud that our partnership with St John will help over 4000 children learn the critical life-saving skill of first aid this year,” Mr James said.

“The program starts with helping children to recognise an emergency and call triple zero (000).

“Sadly, children may be faced with a parent or family member experiencing a medical emergency and be the only ones on hand to assist.

“Learning first aid is crucial no matter what your age – it has the potential to stop a minor mishap from becoming something much worse – but ultimately has the power to save lives in our homes and communities.”

SJWA’s First Aid Focus is a charitably funded in-school program for students ranging from pre-kindy to Year 12, ensuring they are empowered to take the right steps to save a life in the event of a healthcare emergency.

“First Aid Focus is part of St John WA’s commitment to building a strong and resilient Western Australia which delivers life-saving skills to about 85,000 students every year,” SJWA chief preventative officer Megs O’Donnell said.

“About one Western Australian child calls triple zero (000) for their parent or carer each month, meaning the educational program can be the difference between life and death.

“We can’t understate the importance of the program, which has already led to lives being saved.”

Last year, eight-year-old Tia Cummins used life-saving skills she learned through First Aid Focus classes at her Swan View school to save her sister’s life.

Tia credited her actions with what she learned mere hours earlier at school.

To learn more about First Aid Focus and St John WA partnerships visit the St John WA website.

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