Avon ascent! 400 riders hit York for 2023 Canola cycling jamboree 

Shire of York President Denese Smythe says the town is abuzz with excitement for the event.
August 24, 2023

YORK is opening its canola-laden arms to 400 cyclists for this year’s Canola Classic cycling event on Sunday, August 27.

The Canola Classic is a mass participation asphalt event with a 93km loop offering something for trained, lycra’d-up cycling enthusiasts, to a 52km loop suitable for most folks with a modicum of fitness and a love of bikes.

Local businesses are geeing up for the influx and economic boost as riders enter the Shire of York with their friends and family – many making a weekend of it.

“The Canola Classic is one of WA’s significant mass-participation rides – much-loved by the Perth and York cycling communities and beyond for the picturesque ride it is,” WestCycle chief executive officer Wayne Bradshaw said.

“The on-course bonhomie generated by the 40 plus teams is generally pretty special too.”

While not a race, every rider is chip-timed and there will be prizes for the biggest, best-dressed and most animated teams on the day.

“WestCycle is conscious to maintain the broadest possible accessibility in tough economic times. Despite the cost-of-living crisis we’re seeing near-record entries this year – we’re glad we chose to freeze entry fees at 2022 levels to help a little,” Mr Bradshaw said.

“We’ve enhanced the event village’s local food and beverage options to include kid-friendly activities like lawn bowling, footy clinics, a bouncy castle and more. When you consider all the things to do in York and surrounds, there really is something for everyone.”

Canola Classic riders are fully supported on-course, receive chip-timed results, an event memento, a hot post-ride meal at the York Recreation Centre, and can access professional photography.

Shire of York President Denese Smythe said the town couldn’t wait to welcome all the riders and friends and families of the Canola Classic to the Avon Valley shire.

“They bring a buzz to town and there’s always plenty going on here and we encourage people to make the most of our town and the area and stay the weekend.”

Anyone who may be interested in joining the team of volunteers in Perth before and in York on the day can find out more here.

WestCycle thanks the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and the Shire of York for their support in hosting the event.

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