Adam Williams from Lotterywest, West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti, Swan Mayor David Lucas and Swan CEO Stephen Cain at the grant announcement.

Ballajura intergenerational play space a step closer

Traffic concerns have been set aside as Ballajura intergenerational play space receives more funding.
October 5, 2023
Anita McInnes

CITY of Swan has received a $2 million grant towards an intergenerational play space in Ballajura, which in 2022 was estimated to cost about $4.6m.

The state government through Lotterywest provided the grant for the play space, which will be designed to encourage participation from people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

The play space will have trampolines, exercise equipment, an obstacle course, a climbing wall and more.

It will be built close to schools and public transport, near the intersection of Illawarra Crescent South and Cassowary Drive.

During the consultation phase some community members had concerns about the traffic volumes on the adjacent roads, the drainage ability of the site, being situated too close to businesses and the high school and being situated away from the majority of residential houses within Ballajura.

But a May 2022 officer’s report said traffic counts indicated that Illawarra Crescent South (east of Oxleigh Drive) carried 7413 vehicles per day with most traffic between 8am to 9am.

“During these times, the activity at the play space is expected to be low, with the main usage anticipated to occur on weekends and after school,’’ the report said.

The traffic volumes on Cassowary Drive and Townsend Street were 3201 and 2938 vehicles per day respectively.

“As a result, traffic volumes are not anticipated to be significant concern for a play space at this location.

“Drainage of the site was another concern but the report said the proposed site would be raised and drainage cells would be utilised to mitigate drainage concerns.

“This will allow the site to serve its drainage purpose, while providing a safe and functional site for the community.’’

The report said no local businesses raised concerns about the location of the play space and Townsend Street would act as a separation between the play space and business activity.

“In addition the business activity is anticipated to be at a reduced level during the peak periods of the play space on weekends.

“City staff view the close proximity to the schools, including Ballajura Community College, as a positive outcome from the local community.

“This location provides students a close and safe recreation opportunity to attend outside of school hours.

“While city staff agree that the play space is not located in the centre of residential houses, there are still good access opportunities to the site – this includes access roads, footpaths and public transportation.’’

Site works are expected to start in February 2024, with completion scheduled for 2025.

Deputy premier and West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti said she was pleased to announce the state government’s investment in the Ballajura intergenerational play space through the Lotterywest grant.

“This initiative is an indication of our government’s commitment to creating a stronger, more connected community, where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together and interact,’’ she said.

Swan Mayor David Lucas said the play space would encourage people of all ages and abilities to get outside and have fun together.

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