Barbara Spencer celebrates her 100th Birthday at Baptistcare Yallambee in Mundaring.

Barbara Spencer celebrates a century

Singing has been one of life’s great joys for Barbara Spencer, who was born in Stourbridge England in 1923.
November 9, 2023

WHEN Mundaring senior Barbara Spencer welcomes her 25th great grandchild this December, singing lullabies will be her special way of bonding with the latest addition to her family.

Mrs Spencer, who calls Baptistcare Yallambee Residential Care home, has always loved to sing and even though she turned 100 on November 2, the centenarian has no plans to give up her favourite pastime.

A proud member of the Yallambee choir – aptly named the Yallambee Songbirds – she looks forward to the weekly sessions around the piano, belting out everything from gospel tunes to classic standards.

Singing has been one of life’s great joys for Mrs Spencer, who was born in Stourbridge England in 1923.

Working in an ammunition factory during World War II, she married the love of her life, Harold Spencer, in 1950.

The couple went on to have five children and in 1967 they made the difficult decision to leave their parents and siblings and move to Australia in pursuit of a better life for their family.

After a long and arduous boat journey to Fremantle they were taken to Point Walter where they stayed until they found a house to rent in Midland.

Mr Spencer worked hard to support the family while she dedicated herself to being a homemaker and a mother.

She became a second mother to many of the neighbourhood children whom she babysat while their parents went off to work.

Mrs Spencer, who never had a driver’s licence, also loved to walk and was a sprightly stepper well into her 80s.

In addition to her five children and 24 great grandchildren, she also has 18 grandchildren.

Lifestyle coordinator Annemarie Kluvers said Mrs Spencer was a popular member of the Yallambee family who loved taking part in all of the activities and social events.

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