The Town of Bassendean are open to talks with the City of Swan on a potential boundary change. Picture: Andrew Williams

Bassendean and Swan begin boundary talks

On March 11, the Town of Bassendean counil voted to let the City of Swan know it is a willing partner in boundary discussions.
April 4, 2024
Andrew Williams

AFTER a series of council meetings, the Town of Bassendean and the City of Swan have entered into talks about realigning their shared boundaries.

It all began at the City of Swan’s annual electors meeting on February 5, where a motion was presented by a South Guildford resident requesting the council review its south-western boundaries and to engage with the Town of Bassendean about realignment.

The motion reasoned the City of Swan’s sizeable population of more than 165,000 residents and how quickly it has grown in recent years posed governance challenges.

It also noted the diversity of demographics from established historical suburbs like Guildford and Woodbridge, compared to newly expanded urban areas like Brabham.

“Extreme diversity in demographics and the variable needs of old versus new suburbs often leads to disparity in revenue distribution,” the motion stated.

“In practical terms this motion seeks to address the needs of communities more closely aligned to the Town of Bassendean geographically and/or historically, and with similar demographics, urban density and activity.

“Seeking unification of those communities of interest makes sense in terms of targeted delivery of services for residential and industrial urban areas more closely aligned to the Town of Bassendean demographic and locality than the City of Swan.”

The following week at the Town of Bassendean general meeting of electors a motion was put to the council which requested it write to the City of Swan to express willingness to engage in a collaborative process to review a potential boundary realignment.

On March 11, the Town of Bassendean conducted a special council meeting just two days before the City of Swan was due to discuss the original February 5 motion.

By absolute majority the town resolved a motion requesting the chief executive officer Cameron Woods immediately inform the City of Swan that the Town of Bassendean is a willing partner in boundary adjustment discussions.

Two days later at the City of Swan’s ordinary meeting council voted, 11 for and four against, to engage with the Town of Bassendean and collaborate to develop a joint proposal in relation to potential boundary changes for consideration by the Local Government Advisory board (LGAB).

A Town of Bassendean spokesperson said the two local governments have begun communication, but what suburbs and boundaries this will affect are yet to be determined.

Regardless, any potential realignment of boundaries between the two local governments is sure to be a lengthy process and will ultimately come down to the LGAB.

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