This year’s Youth Week Ambassadors Fatima, Izabella, Nathida and Samuel.

Become a Youth Week Ambassador

Nominations are now open for 2025.
June 20, 2024
Jacki Elezovich

NOMINATIONS for Youth Week ambassadors for 2025 are now open.

Every year four young leaders from around WA are selected to be the voice of WA’s youth for the duration of Youth Week in April.

Youth Minister Hannah Beazley said the youth ambassadors have always been an integral part of Youth Week as a voice for their generation and a new perspective on how they should be celebrated.

“Ensuring young people’s voices are heard and embedded in all things Youth Week WA is what makes it so special,” she said.

Ambassadors will work to plan events for Youth Week celebrations including free community events in Perth and regional areas and helping to shape the kickstART young creatives festival, contribute to the young people’s planning committee, and act as a spokesperson for Youth Week WA. They will also get to attend events including both opening and closing parties, and assess grant applications.

In 2024, ambassadors took on another special project: Catalyst, an online publication showcasing stories, work and perspectives of young people in WA.

Ambassadors engaged with young people and organisations during the week to gather contributions and then oversaw the development and design of the final publication.

Ms Beazley said any young leader who is involved in their community and wants to take the next step towards creating change should apply to be an ambassador.

“The youth ambassadors program provides an invaluable platform for young leaders to drive positive change and inspire their peers,” she said.

Ms Beazley said the program keeps young people in charge of how they want their week of celebration to look.

“Young people are central to the week’s planning and development, and I encourage everyone to apply or nominate someone they think would be suitable.”

Applications will close on Sunday, July 21. Application forms can be found at

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