Bowling club battery muster

A bowling club in the Perth Hills is putting the environment first with its new fundraising initiative.
September 28, 2023
Andrew Williams

MEMBERS of the Glen Forrest Bowling Club are calling for donations of 1000 recyclable batteries to help raise funds to replace the lower green with a new synthetic surface.

David Gallagher, the bowling club’s former president, has said more than 100 batteries have already been donated and dropped off in the past month at the McGlew Road location and is appreciative of anyone who donates their old 12v batteries.

Mr Gallagher said the benefits of a new synthetic green would mean club members can practice and play lawn bowls all year round. It would also save the club money as synthetic greens don’t require the same amount of maintenance as traditional greens, which would also reduce herbicide and pesticide use.

“The big saving that comes from this is the environmental saving of not having to water both the greens once a week which is a massive amount of water that we use every year.”

He believes organising fundraisers has become harder in part due to the current economy as people can’t afford to donate, and that is why they decided to ask for the batteries.

“Every bloke has at least three batteries in the back of their shed.

“What I love about it is we are using a community fundraiser, that’s also an environmentally cleaning fundraiser in getting batteries as far away as Northam, and as far away as the flats around Midland where people are dropping batteries off and helping us hit that target.”

Although the Glen Forrest Sports Club has been granted a partial grant of $75,000 for future works from the Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries, it still needs to make up a shortfall of almost $150,000, according to club treasurer Nathan Cain. 

Mr Cain said the money raised by the bowling club will be put towards reticulation and irrigation for the new green.

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