Brabham community honours Indigenous history, culture and achievements at inaugural NAIDOC event.

Brabham community celebrates its inaugural NAIDOC Week event

Brabham celebrated its inaugural NAIDOC Week celebration over the weekend.
July 18, 2023

Brabham celebrated its inaugural NAIDOC Week celebration over the weekend to honour the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

A collaboration between Brabham Estate and the City of Swan, with the valuable support of community groups, the event showcased the vibrant cultural heritage of the community.

NAIDOC Week provides an opportunity to share this rich history and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture within the Brabham community.

The event showcased the Binar Dancers, a cultural group passionate about engaging and educating others through their performances.

Kuditj Kitchen, a local catering service known for its commitment to Indigenous culture, provided an array of traditional dishes, including wattleseed damper, bush tucker, lemonade scones and sausage rolls.

In addition to the smoking ceremony, Welcome to Country, Binar dance performance, a display of traditional tools, and a traditional storytime by Pilbara Elders, attendees had the opportunity to engage in arts and craft activities and enjoy an Indigenous morning tea.

Brabham Estate has been developed by Australian property developer Peet in collaboration with DevelopmentWA.


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