Principal Anika Blackmore with Brabham Primary School students.

Brabham nominated for education awards

Brabham Primary School is nominated for two awards in the 2023 WA Education Awards.
November 9, 2023
Andrew Williams

ONLY opened two years ago, Brabham Primary School has been nominated for two different categories in this year’s WA Education Awards.

The school is in the running for the excellence in teaching and learning (primary) award, and the excellence in cultural responsiveness award, announced Friday, October 27 by Education Minister Dr Tony Buti.

It was one of 18 public schools from across the state recognised for outstanding impact in education.

The school’s first principal Anika Blackmore said the nominations were significant moment in the school’s educational journey.

“These nominations are a reminder that our mission extends beyond the classroom, as we strive to create a bridge of understanding and respect between all members of our community,” she said.

Ms Blackmore thinks the school’s success is due to the exceptional educators who put student achievement, engagement, and well-being above all else.

The school has established an active culturally responsive team who have led the successful implementation and embedding of Aboriginal perspectives into daily practice and learning programs.

Ms Blackmore said the flat leadership structure ensures that both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members lead and inspire others to move away from a ‘bolt on’ model to one where culturally responsive practice is interconnected and built in.

She acknowledged the hard work achieved by the school’s cultural advisors, Rickiesha Dimer, Krystal Gagliano and Aunty Di.

“Our performing arts team produced a dance titled ‘Be the Voice’. It was a powerful and emotive ‘big picture’ story dance about the history of First Nations peoples and their progress to obtaining a voice in Australian society,” she said.

The piece was entered into this year’s Wakakirri National Dance Festival and won several awards, including the National Reconciliation Australia award.

“It is a privilege to be recognised for this work, and it serves as a symbol of the dedication and collaborative spirit of our passionate team of educators and whole school community,” she said.

The winner of each category will be announced on Monday, December 4, and will receive $20,000 to be put towards a project or program of the school’s choosing.

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