Principal Anika Blackmore receiving the award from Education Minister Tony Buti.

Brabham Primary school wins state education award

Principal Anika Blackmore received the award from Education Minister Tony Buti at the awards ceremony on December 4.
December 7, 2023
Andrew Williams

BRABHAM Primary School has won this year’s excellence in teaching and learning (primary) award at the WA Education Awards after opening just two years ago.

The school was also nominated for a second award for excellence Cultural responsiveness, but the award went to Wananami Remote Community School located on Mount Barnett Station in the Kimberley.

Principal Anika Blackmore received the award from Education Minister Tony Buti at the awards ceremony on December 4.

Ms Blackmore said winning the award felt incredible and validated the relentless efforts of the school’s staff in establishing a culture of excellence and inclusion.   

She said, as a relatively new school, the success Brabham Primary had seen in such a short time could be attributed to recruiting the right people with the right values.

“In the short time we have been opened we have engaged with families and local groups and sought feedback to ensure that we are establishing a school culture reflective of our community’s needs,” she said.

“All that we do is informed by evidence of best practice and is underpinned by high expectations of student learning and behaviour.”

The school’s success is undoubtedly a team effort and Ms Blackmore said she wanted to recognise the work of the middle leaders who supported the school’s staff to implement effect teaching and learning programs, as well as thank the school’s north metropolitan regional directors Jo Harris and Steve Watson.

As winners of the WA Education Awards, each of the five public schools will receive $20,000 to go towards a project or program of the school’s choosing.

Ms Blackmore said while further consultation would be had, the money would be reinvested into the school’s middle leader’s development program.

“Our initial thoughts are to invest a large proportion back into our middle leader’s development program to ensure that we can continue to develop our future leaders for the benefit of our school, our network and the broader system,” she said.

Dr Buti said he was  impressed by the quality of education delivered to students across the state.

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