Works on the upgrades are planned to begin next month.

Bright future for Brown Park with $40,000 lighting upgrade

The new lighting will allow junior and women's programs to play home games at night.
June 27, 2024

IN a significant boost for local sporting clubs, Brown Park Oval will receive a $40,000 grant towards upgrading existing floodlights, thanks to funding support from the WA Cricket Association and its Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF).

The upgrade works at the oval are expected to commence in July 2024.

The $577,500 lighting project at Brown Park is part of a broader initiative to address key issues identified in the shire’s ‘2019 recreation facilities informing strategy’.

As part of addressing the growing recreational needs of its community, this strategy calls for improved lighting standards across multiple venues within the shire.

Additional funding is through the state government’s ‘club lights program’ $199,354 with Shire of Mundaring funding $338,146 towards the project.

Shire President Paige McNeil highlighted the importance of the upgrades for local sporting clubs, noting that improved lighting infrastructure will support the community’s growing needs.

“We extend our gratitude to WA Cricket for their support in achieving positive outcomes for our community. The upgraded lighting will enhance training opportunities and increase the number of local fixtures. Additionally, the extended night training hours made possible by the improved lighting will support the growth of participation, particularly within female sporting leagues,” she said.

“Sporting activities within the shire not only offer opportunities for social engagement and inclusion for all but also help our young people develop leadership and teamwork skills. With this support, the Shire is one step closer to providing facilities that meet the current and future needs of sporting club members.”

Swan View Cricket Club, one of the clubs that will benefit from the new floodlights at Brown Park, expressed thanks to Shire of Mundaring for securing the funding.

Club president David Pease said he was grateful to Shire of Mundaring for driving the project and securing funding through the ACIF for the floodlighting upgrade at Brown Park.

“This will be great for our junior and women’s programs, allowing our cricketers to play home games at night, which will be massive for our club and the local community,” he said.

To view a copy of the Shire of Mundaring’s ‘recreation facilities informing strategy, visit the shire website

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