The creative talents of Bridget Seaton will soon be on display at Kalamunda’s Zig Zag Gallery.

Bushwalking and art merge in Zig Zag Gallery exhibition

Artist Bridget Seaton celebrates her love of the West Australian bush with an exhibition of paintings and original prints.
July 25, 2023

AWARD winning artist and keen walker Bridget Seaton is celebrating her love of the West Australian bush with an exhibition of paintings and original prints inspired by her bushwalks both in the Perth Hills and further afield.

The exhibition Transitions runs from July 29 to August 27 at Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda and hosts a range of events including an artist residency, workshops and artist talks.

When people ask Seaton how long a painting takes, she said: “It always begins with a walk”.
Walking is the starting point for all her work, and she finds that passing through an area slowly on foot allows her to absorb the subtle changes and transitions in landscape.

The exhibition coincides with the 25th anniversary of the Bibbulmun track and many of the art works are a result of her firsthand experience of walking this much-loved long-distance track.

She has completed most of this 1000km track in short sections and is often there with her sketchbook painting the bush around her in the cooler months. These sketchbook studies have led to large works in the exhibition that draw on the memories of her bushwalks.

As well as featuring work inspired by the Bibbulmun track the exhibition includes artwork derived from her travels to Dryandra Woodlands, Mt Lesueur National Park and the Gascoyne.

Seaton cares deeply for the environment and hopes that her art can inspire people to appreciate the rare beauty of our remaining bushlands.
“I care deeply for the environment and have a particular reverence for trees, they are the figures in my work on the stage of this vast land. I seek to portray the Australian bush in its imperfect beauty and endeavour to inspire others to see the beauty in our untidy bush and in turn to protect it,” she said.


This diverse exhibition includes paintings, original prints and sketchbooks, with her colourful paintings an amalgamation of memories and viewpoints illustrating how the landscape transitions subtly from one area to another.

What sets this exhibition apart is the display of accordion sketchbooks that Seaton takes on her bushwalks. These folded books open up as 1.5m long artworks and give an intimate view of the artists first-hand experience of the bush with lively paintings completed outside in all weathers.

An entire wall is dedicated to these sketchbooks and viewers will be able to draw parallels between these studies and her finished pieces.

Opening on July 28 the exhibition is open until August 27, and you can find Seaton in the gallery from August 5-7.

There will also be an artists talk on July 30, a painting workshop on August 7 and a print making workshop on August 19.
See more of Seaton’s works on her website

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