Kalamunda resident Chris Jones next to his survey flyer on Canning Road. Picture: Gera Kazakov

Call for another pedestrian crossing on Canning Road

Kalamunda resident Chris Jones wants a pedestrian crossing to make it easier for people to get to the Kalamunda Glades shopping centre.
January 25, 2024
Gera Kazakov

ONE Kalamunda resident is gauging community perception on potentially installing another pedestrian crossing on Canning Road in front of the Kalamunda Glades shopping centre.

Chris Jones, who lives on the western side of Canning Road, frequently likes to walk to the shopping centre to get his groceries but believes that crossing Canning Road can be a nightmare most days.

“I love the fact that I can walk eight minutes up to the shops, buy my milk, bread, kebab, beer – whatever I need, but what’s kind of hectic is when I have to wait up to five minutes for the traffic to clear just so I can safely cross the road,” he said.

Mr Jones also believes that out the front of the shopping centre, most of the infrastructure for a pedestrian crossing is already there, which has led him to create a survey to gauge the community perception on the idea.

“I’m looking at the landscape going ‘I think there’s room for a pedestrian crossing’ – whether it’s a zebra crossing, or a signalled crossing, or a wombat crossing (where they raise it up a bit) – just something to slow the traffic down to a stop when someone’s crossing the road,” he said.

Mr Jones said he has already received a dozen responses to his survey, with all but one in favour of the idea.

Alongside letterbox dropping, he has put flyers up on Canning Road with a link to complete the survey, and he then plans to present the results to Main Roads WA and the City of Kalamunda.

Nightingales Pharmacy owner Michael Norden, who’s shop is in the shopping centre, said while he hasn’t heard of many accidents out the front of Kalamunda Glades, a pedestrian crossing on Canning Road could be helpful.

“We are seeing it work quite well down the bottom of (Canning Road),” he said

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