Call for Swan boundary changes

At the annual City of Swan electors meeting a motion was put forward to merge sections of the Town of Bassendean and the City of Swan.
February 8, 2024
Anita McInnes

A SOUTH Guildford resident has raised the idea of older established suburbs in the City of Swan undergoing a boundary change, which would result in them becoming part of the Town of Bassendean.

Marilena Stimfl has put forward a successful motion asking the city to engage with the town on whether there was any receptiveness for the two local governments to develop a joint proposal at the City of Swan’s annual electors meeting on February 5.

On Wednesday she told Echo News the motion was put together after talking to residents in older established suburbs such as Guildford, Woodbridge, Midland, Kiara and Lockridge who had different expectations and problems to those residing in new suburbs.

She has also spoken to community groups and the local governments of Bassendean and Mundaring.

In a statement supporting her motion she said the City of Swan had a population of more than 165,000 and 42 suburbs.

“There is no doubt that as the largest metropolitan local government area with some of the fastest growing suburbs in WA, that such high growth poses challenges for this council to meet the needs and expectations of rapidly expanding urban areas, for example Ellenbrook and Brabham, verses established communities such as Guildford and Woodbridge for example,’’ the statement said.

“Extreme diversity in demographics and the variable needs of old verses new suburbs often leads to disparity in revenue distribution.’’

She said currently the Town of Bassendean had seven elected representatives, which was two less than the maximum permitted under recent local government reforms.

“Augmenting the overall population of the town via ministerial approval of a boundary change would likely be the catalyst to increase the number of elected representatives to nine (at least) for the Town of Bassendean, whilst the City of Swan could retain their existing number of elected representatives.

“This would facilitate broader and more targeted representation for the populations of both these local authorities.’’

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