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EMRC and Mundaring FOGO plan

Shire of Mundaring is working with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional council to implement the food organics garden organics bins system in July.
April 4, 2024

EASTERN Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) and the Shire of Mundaring have joined forces to introduce the food organics garden organics (FOGO) household waste management system, set to launch on Monday, July 1.

Each household will receive a new 240L lime-green lidded bin designed for separating food and garden organic waste. Alongside the bin, residents will receive an information pack and a kitchen caddy, complete with a roll of compostable liners. 

The initiative aims to redirect organic waste, including kitchen scraps, away from landfills, where its potential value would otherwise be lost. Instead, the FOGO bin with the organic waste will be collected on a weekly basis to then be transformed into valuable organic compost.

The existing general waste bin will also undergo a change to a red lid in alignment with the Waste Authority’s guidelines. This adjustment will enhance source separation and minimise contamination of waste streams and will occur sometime after the launch.

Effective communication and community engagement play a crucial role in supporting successful FOGO services.

To achieve this, the shire, in collaboration with EMRC, will introduce a behavioural change campaign to encourage positive waste disposal behaviours and community engagement.

The FOGO system will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste sent to landfill, and furthers the commitment by EMRC and Shire of Mundaring to mitigate climate change at our regional and local level.

EMRC chief executive officer Marcus Geisler said by embracing the FOGO system, residents can actively contribute to a more sustainable circular future.

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