Extra funding for e-waste projects

WA’s e-waste ban to be introduced later this year includes most electronic consumer goods.
February 8, 2024

THE state government has made up to $3.5 million of grants available to support Western Australia’s electrical and electronic waste collection and recycling network as a ban on e-waste disposal to landfill is set to come into effect later this year.

E-waste, or waste electrical and electronic equipment, includes items with a plug, battery or cord that are no longer working or wanted.

WA’s e-waste ban will be introduced later this year, and includes most electronic consumer goods, such as large household appliances, mobile phones, televisions, and computers.

Grants are available for projects which either support facilities to collect, manage and store e-waste, before reuse or onward reprocessing, or focus on reprocessing and recycling, including assisting businesses to purchase and install any relevant equipment.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said e-waste was a rapidly growing stream of waste, and additional funding will create jobs as well as increase reuse and recycling pathways for waste electrical and electronic items.

“This is an important step in moving our State closer to its goal of a circular economy, and I look forward to seeing these projects delivered and in operation ahead of Western Australia’s e-waste to landfill ban later this year.”

Grants are open to businesses, local governments and regional councils, and registered charities.

Applications, which will close on Friday, March 29, can be made at www.dwer-env.smartygrants.com.au

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