Forrestfield Officer in Charge Senior Sergeant Brad Robinson.

Forrestfield crime rate drop

Forrestfield officer in charge Senior Sergeant Brad Robinson said there has been a reduction in crime wthin the area.
March 7, 2024

THE officer in charge of the Forrestfield subdistrict and police station, Senior Sergeant Brad Robinson has reported improvements in the subdistrict’s crime statistics in what he called a promising update.

Key figures reveal positive trends across various categories, showcasing effective community safety measures.

Year-to-date analysis demonstrates a substantial reduction in reported burglary offences. In 2023, there were 73 cases, whereas in the same period of 2024, the number decreased to 42.

This decline coincides with the successful implementation of crime prevention measures, heightened security, and effective law enforcement strategies within the community.

Senior Sergeant Robinson said there has been a notable decrease in motor vehicle stealing incidents.
In 2023, there were 22 reported cases, which decreased to 17 in the equivalent period of 2024.

According to Senior Sergeant Robinson, this reduction is attributed to improved security measures for vehicles, focused law enforcement efforts, and public awareness initiatives contributing to a safer community.

There has also been a significant decrease in stealing incidents which is evident in the year-to-date analysis.

In 2023, there were 211 reported cases, decreasing to 129 in 2024.

Senior Sergeant Robinson said contributing factors to this decline include law enforcement strategies, active community engagement, and heightened security measures implemented by businesses and individuals.

He expressed satisfaction with the consistent decrease in reported burglary offences, stealing of motor vehicles, and stealing incidents between 2023 and 2024.

He said these positive trends underscore the success of ongoing crime prevention measures, emphasising the importance of continuous monitoring, analysis, and community engagement to ensure sustained improvements in community safety.

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