Lesmurdie Senior High School, where thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen.

Forrestfield police and community collaborate to combat burglaries

A recent surge in burglaries affecting Forrestfield has rallied the community and law enforcement to action.
April 11, 2024

IN a unified effort to address a recent surge in burglaries afflicting the Forrestfield policing district, police in collaboration with the community, have taken proactive measures.

Forrestfield officer-in-charge, Senior Sergeant Brad Robinson said the area, encompassing local schools such as Lesmurdie Senior High School and Falls Road Primary School, had been plagued by a spate of break-ins, prompting swift intervention from authorities.

Pooling resources from the Midland detectives office, law enforcement devised and executed an intensive burglary strategy.

Employing intelligence-driven tactics, they aimed to identify, locate and apprehend the alleged perpetrators behind the crimes.

“Through meticulous surveillance and coordinated operations, suspects were targeted, leading to a series of successful raids that saw the recovery of thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen property, ranging from gardening equipment to sporting goods,” Senior Sergeant Robinson said.

As a result of these concerted efforts, seven offenders have been apprehended and charged with various offences, including burglary.

Forrestfield Sergeant Kel Ellis underscored the significance of these arrests, emphasising that combating burglaries remains a top priority for law enforcement.

“Rapid apprehension of high-harm offenders is a top priority for our officers, and these offenders were identified and apprehended very quickly,” she said.

While the City of Kalamunda reports favorable progress in tracking burglaries year-to-date, authorities caution against complacency.

Sergeant Ellis said vigilance and security consciousness were paramount, as was the importance of community involvement in reporting suspicious activities.

In a separate incident, Forrestfield police during routine night shift patrol, intercepted two individuals allegedly in the act of stealing copper wire from a home under construction.

Both individuals, who are local residents, have been apprehended and will face charges in the Midland Magistrates Court later in the month.

Sergeant Ellis urged the community to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activity to authorities by calling 131 444 or 000 in urgent situations.

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